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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Her er det en bokanmeldelse, noen sammendrag, og litt andre ting som kan være greit å ha med i en innlevering.

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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The story takes place in Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardy. It’s a big school, made of stone with a dark forbidden forest nearby. The story goes over a school year, with holidays, class, and after school.


Main characters

Harry Potter is very small and skinny, has black hair and bright-green eyes. He has big round glasses, that is hold together with Sellotape. On his forehead, he has a lightning shaped scar. He has too wear Dudley’s old clothes that are way to big, Dudley is fat!

Harry Potter first lived with his aunt and uncle, and their son Dudley. They don’t like him, and Dudley and his gang are teasing Harry, about him not having any friends. When he starts at Hogwarts, he is very popular, and almost everybody wants to become his friend.



Ron Weasley is Harry’s best friend. He has red hair, and is the fifth boy in his family that goes to Hogwarts. All his older brothers are very good at school (unless Fred and George), and he feels like he has something that he has to live up to. His family is quite poor, and he wears his older brothers’ cloaks and gets their old stuff needed for Hogwarts.



Hermione Granger is also Harry’s best friend. Hermione is born in a muggle family. Both her parents are non-magic. She is very good at school, and worst nightmare is to fail in class. She is totally against all kind of rule braking. She sometimes feels that Ron and Harry are hopeless, but is ready to stake her life for them. She has brown hair, and big teeth.


Short resume

Harry Potter is a ten year old boy who lives with his aunt and uncle, and their son Dudley. He is treated badly, is poorly fed, and he lives in a cupboard beneath the stairs. On his 11th birthday, he gets the message; he is a wizard, and he’s going to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardy!!!


In Hogwarts, he makes some new friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, but also enemies, Draco Malfoy with his “gang”, Crabbe and Goyle. Later they have a flying lesson (on broomsticks) where Harry’s talent comes forth. He becomes seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. In his first match, his broom goes amok at the end, and he nearly fell off the broom.


Harry, Ron and Hermione gets to know about the Philosopher’s Stone, and they suspect Snape, their teacher in Potions of trying to steal the stone for Voldemort. The stone is well protected, and to get the stone you must come trough a three-headed dog named Fluffy, dark arts magic, logic, a mountain troll, flying ability and the mirror of Erised. After getting through these “tests”, Harry can’t believe his own eyes. There, in front of the mirror, stands stuttering Professor Quirrell, their Dark Arts teacher, instead of Snape. It was Quirrell all the time that had tried to kill Harry during a Quidditch match, and done all other suspicious things, even though it seemed like Snape all the time. Quirrell was the one trying to steal the stone for Voldemort. Quirrell can’t get the stone, but Harry can. Quirrell tries to take the stone from Harry, which leads to Voldemort leaving Quirrell’s body and vanishes.


Week’s later Harry wakes up in the hospital wing, surrounded by flowers and sweets. Professor Dumbledore comes and explains to him how he managed to win over Voldemort and why Quirrell couldn’t touch him, since Quirrell’s skin blistered when he touched Harry. The year at Hogwarts is finished, and thanks to Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville, Gryffindor wins the House cup.


Harry doesn’t want to go back to the Dursley’s in the vacation, because they’re not allowed to use magic outside the school.


Personal opinion

I think it’s a very good book, but I didn’t learn anything by reading it. The reason why i liked it is that I like fantasy, and I like books that has new contents, not the same as all the other boring books on the market.



I think this is a book that almost every one would like! People can see the story from different sides, and you can feel that you’re in J. K. Rowling’s magic world! I will recommend it for 7-100 years!


J.K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling was born Chipping Sodbury near Bristol, England on July 31st, 1965.       .


Her whole name is Joanne Kathleen Rowling, and her sister Di, was two years younger than her.


Rowling has been writing since she was five or six years old, and her first storey, was called Rabbit.


Rowling and her family moved twice when she was a child. One of the places they lived, J. K. had a good friend, and his last name was Potter!


When she was going to school, she was very shy, but in lunchtime, she was telling stories to her friends, which they loved!


J. K. Rowling moved to Portugal when she was 26 years old. There she worked as an English teacher. At her stay in Portugal, she married a man, and they got a daughter named Jessica.


She divorced her Portuguese husband, and finished her book about the wizard called Harry Potter. When she finally made to sell the book, it became very popular, and was translated to many languages.


After selling the book, she could stop teaching, and she became a fulltime writer. She has now given out five books in the “Harry Potter” series, and is going to write two more.


In year 2000 she had earned more than $400 million dollars, her books had been translated into 35 languages and had sold over 30 million copies!


At the time, she is living in Edinburgh, Scotland with her daughter who is now seven years old.



Summary chapter 1-4

Professor Dumbledore has sent Hagrid to pick up Harry. Dumbledore is going to wait for them with Privet Drive, where the Dursley’s live. There he meet Professor McGonagall, she had been waiting the whole day, as a cat. Dumbledore leaves Harry Potter on the stares on number 4, with a note for Mr. and Mrs. Dursley.


Years later

Harry Potter is now a big boy who lives in the cupboard under the stairs, in his aunt, and his uncle’s house. It’s Dudley’s birthday, and they are going to the zoo. Dudley is complaining over that he only gets 36 presents, and Harry is making breakfast. In the zoo, they are going to the reptile house, were Harry is talking to a Boa Constrictor. Suddenly the glass vanishes, Dudley is falling into the “cage”, and the snake is crawling out, saying with a low hissing voice: “Brazil, here I come… Thanksss, amigo.”


Week’s later Harry receives a letter, but when he is opening it, Mr. Dursley is taking it from him. Every day now, he receives more and more letters, and Mr. Dursley is destroying every one of them, and Harry never gets the chance to read it.


After a while, Mr. Dursley is getting so tired of this entire letters he can’t elude, and they’re going away. But they can’t evade the letter even far away! They turn up on a rock, far, far away from everything. In the night, it is a huge storm.


Midnight, Harry hears some noises, but it’s not the storm. This day, Harry turns eleven! Knocking on the door. A big BOOM. Smash! The door swung clean off its hinges, and landed flat on the floor. A giant stands in the doorway. It’s Hagrid, the keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts. He tells Harry that he is a wizard, and that he is going to go at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. He also tells him the truth about Harry’s parents’ death.


At last, Harry gets to read his letter from Minerva McGonagall. Mr. Dursley is insulting Dumbledore, and Hagrid gets mad, because he is eating the birthday cake, Hagrid made for Harry, Dudley is getting a pig tail.


Summary chapter 7

The new first-years is getting sorted into their houses. It’s a tensed mood in the Great Hall. The students are walking up to the hat, one and one. Hermione, Ron and Harry are sorted to Gryffindor, and Draco Malfoy to Slytherin. When Harry is wearing the hat, he is very nervous, because he doesn’t want to be chosen to Slytherin. They are meeting all the ghosts, and talks to Nearly Headless Nick, the resident ghost of Gryffindor. After all the students had been chosen to their houses, they ate a marvellous meal, and the headmaster; Professor Dumbledore is having a small speech. At the end, they sing the school song.



Rumpeldunk spilles med syv spillere på hvert lag, og de bruker sopelimer til å fly med.

Det er tre jagere. Deres jobb er å få mål ved å kaste sluffen, en

rød ball, på størrelse med en fotball, gjennom en av de tre ringene høyt oppe i lufta. Laget får ti poeng hver gang sluffen går gjennom en ring.


Det er en målmann som skal fly rundt sitt lag sine ringer, og passe på at det andre laget ikke får mål.


De to knakkerene skal beskytte sitt lag mot klabber, og prøve å slå dem mot motstanderene med en liten klubbe. Klabbene er kullsvarte, og litt mindre enn sluffen. Klabbene fyker rundt og prøver å slå spillerene av limene.


Den siste spilleren er speideren. Den trenger ikke bry seg med sluffen eller klabbene, bare om gullsnoppen. Gullsnoppen er liten, på størrelse med en valnøtt, gullfarget, og har små sølvvinger. Gullsnoppen er den viktigste av ballene. Den er vanskelig å se, og den er rask. Speiderens jobb er å få tak i gullsnoppen før speideren på det andre laget. Laget til den som fanger gullsnoppen, får 150 poeng, og en rumpeldunkkamp blir ikke avsluttet før snoppen er fanget.


Gryffindor – Slytherin


The last Quidditch game, Gryffindor versus Slytherin should be in the history books! It was a brilliant game. Madam Hooch started the game, and the debutant Harry Potter mounted his new Nimbus 2000. Angelina Johnson took the Quaffle immediately. Captain Oliver Flint from Slytherin grabbed the Quaffle, and he nearly scored. An impressive catch by keeper Oliver Wood. The first goal in the match came after 10 minutes by Angelina Johnson; she’s a really good Chaser!


An exiting game moved forward, after 30 minutes, Slytherin had taken the lead, it was now 10-30. Harry Potter flew around like an eagle, but there were no signs of the Snitch. The Weasley brothers Fred and George had a hard job, keeping the Bludge’s away from Harry.


A new score came from Angelina, but the Chasers Pucey and Bell from Slytherin scored right after. An exiting game, if Harry catches the Snitch, Gryffindor wins, and the same counts for Terence Higgs from Slytherin. They were booth chasing the Snitch, the little gold ball with wings. It was tight, who was going to get it? Flint blocked Harry, and both the Seekers missed the Snitch. I don’t know what happened.


Suddenly Harry’s broom went amok. He nearly fell off. He was hit by a Bludger, he had no control over his broom, it was living it’s own life. Harry fell, holding the broom with one hand, he couldn’t hold on much longer. Suddenly the broom calmed down, and Harry mounted it again.


Then Harry saw the Snitch again, he was speeding towards the ground. He climbed of his broom, and it looked like he was going to throw up. He waved his hand and screamed: ”I’ve got the Snitch!” Harry Potter catches the snitch in his first Quidditch match ever! He is the youngest house player for a century. He must have it from his dad, who also was a seeker for Gryffindor! Gryffindor won 170-60 over Slytherin!



Dear diary!

Today we had a Quidditch match against Slytherin. We won! First, I thought that we were going to loose. Slytherin was playing very brutal, and Flint is always ruining our chances to score. I almost got hit by a Bludger, nasty little beasts those ones! I was the only one that scored for Gryffindor! I think Jordan, the speaker likes me! He was saying that I am an excellent chaser, and rather attractive too! He is really cute that one! Back to the game… Harry played his first game today; I didn’t think that he would manage to catch the Snitch! But he did, and we won 170-60!!! He got a new Nimbus 2000, I don’t know who gave it to him, but it really helped the team! Harry is training very much; we just have to win the house cup this year. We’ll just hope that the Weasley twins don’t destroy our possibilities…

- Angelina Johnson



If I was the owner of an invisibility cloak i would…

If I was the lucky owner of an invisibility cloak I would use it to sneak out in the evening, when my parents thought I was asleep in my bed. When I was out, I would find a big party, take of my cloak, but I would still have it with me, in case the police came.


Or else, I would sneak into my big brother’s room and make him really scared, and he wouldn’t be able to do me anything, because he would not be able to know that it was me!


The third thing I would do, which I think is very smart, even though I don’t think you would like, is this: I would let a window open when we left school, and I would sneak into the teachers office before an exam, and look at the assignment, then I would be prepared for the next day, and I would get a 6!




Dudley has been out with some friends. When he comes home, he finds Harry sitting behind a bush in the garden. Harry is holding something in his hand…


Dudley: What is that… in your hand?

Harry: Nothing… It’s only a … This is only a flower!

Dudley: No! That in the other hand! And besides, what are you doing in front of the window?

Harry: I’m just watching my favourite TV show…

Dudley: You know you aren’t allowed to watch television! I’m going to tell mum, and you won’t have any food for a week!

Harry: Just shut up! Or else I’ll use a spell on you with this wand (Harry shows his hand with his wand turned against Dudley), and make ears that would match your pigtail!

Dudley (with a scared voice): You dare not! You know that daddy is going to lock you in your cupboard for ages if you do that!

Harry: Oh yea? (Harry turn his wand against Dudley, and Dudley screams) What did you say?

Dudley: Eeeh… Nothing…

Harry: Just as I thought, your gang is not here to protect you now?! You’re not so brave now! Eh?

Dudley whines.

Harry: You’ll just shut your mouth, and clean MY room, and I want do you anything, or else…

Dudley: Okay, okay…





1. One of Harry’s best friends

2. Harry’s last name

3. Gryffindor house teacher

4. All the boys at Hogwarts is this

5. Gryffindor house ghost

6. The keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts

7. Neville’s toad

8. Ron’s last name






Witch teacher can transform into a tabby cat?

- Professor McGonagall can transform into a tabby cat.


What is the name on the wizard bank?

- Gringotts is the wizard bank.


How do the goblins look?

-Goblins are short, have very long fingers and feet, a clever face and a pointed beard.


What is Harry’s aunt and uncles name?

-Harry’s aunt and uncle’s name is Petunia and Vernon Dursley.


Witch sort of broom is Harry getting?

 - Harry is getting a Nimbus 2000.


What is in the package Neville is getting from his grandmother, and how does it work?

- It’s a Remembrall in the package. When you have forgotten something, and you hold it tight, the white smoke inside it is turning red.


Witch spelling is Hermione using to open the locked door?

- “Alohomora!”

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