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En rar liten greie, som engelsklæreren min likte.

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Children runing barefoot in the fresh, grees grass. I the summer. Laughing, screaming out with joy. Int the summer everybody runs. Fake, fake. People, animals, the whole world is runing, in the summer. China, Australia, Egypt and Norway is runing, in the summer.

I don't run...


I dream. I tried to live a succesful life inside a bubble, but it turned black the first day. My mind got cloudy and no one could see the smiles I tried to show. Now I'm trapped, the bubble burst inside of me, and I can't get it out.


Life fooled me again, congratulations! You see, I'm not like everyone else, I think. I dive under the surface, searching for answers. All I've ever found is empty shells, gasping for air. Trapped in this world of popularity. Life fooled them to, they don't stand a chance.


I'm one of few, “the divers”. We saw trough the system, how everybody can be a potential enemy. We've got helpers, they help us see all of the dangers that are surrounding us. The mass that is evil is called “the evil”. Original isn't it? Still we are the only ones who acctually have got something real to hide from.


They say we're crazy, the evil. My own family is a part of “the evil”. They are taking me to psychologists saying I have to trust them, but you can't trust someone who thinks you're crazy! Life has fooled me many times, but I've never given in. I'm strong! I think life is a part of “the evil”, their scout, telling them who's weak and who's still strong. They won't get me!


I had friends once,they were all evil, trying to convert me, but I'm strong. I can't wait for it all to end, my helper told me it will be soon. We will escape, to a better world!

They wont catch me, I'm strong!

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