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Temaoppgave på engelsk om Rosenborg, Norges beste fotballag.

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In this prosject I will write about Rosenborg; about their history and some more. Rosenborg has been Norway’s best club since 1992. They have a record in the European Champions League, as they have taken part of that competition eight years on row!



Nils Arne Eggen has trained RBK for two periods. His first championship came in 1971. Some years later he became coach in Moss and led them to a championship as well.Since 1988 Nils Arne Eggen has led Rosenborg to 13 championships (11 on row!), and 1 silver!

In the norwegian cup they haven’t done so well. They have won the cup 8 times, but the last triumph was in 1999. But Rosenborg is worth to fear. Their best performance in an european cup is the quarterfinal in the Champions League in 1996.


Now Åge Hareide has become the coach in the club, because Eggen don’t wanted to continue anymore. So far RBK have just lost one game under his management. That was against Nürnberg, in January 2003. They lost the game on penalties.


Rosenborg’s History

19th of May 1917 Rosenborg was founded. As they took the same name as one of the best teames in Norway at that time, they had to change the name.


It was really only the determined efforts of a small group of fans that put Rosenborg on the road to success. Odd Iversen, Norway's greatest ever domestic goalscorer joined the club about that time, and things started to happen. RBK’s first cup championship came in 1960, the first league championship came in 1967.


Odd Iversen and the other super-striker Harald Sunde left the club before the league started in 1970. Humorous said; without them there was only defenders left in the team. Because they left there was a crise in RBK. But the incredible happend; they went from victory to victory. At the end of the season they were number two in the norwegian premier league.


In the last years the team also have managed to qualify for the UEFA Champions' League. In the 1996-97 season, they reached the quarter-finals. Rosenborg is an very good ambassador for Scandinavian football.


The best ski-jumper in Norway; Bjørn Wirkola, played in attack for Rosenborg when they won their first double in 1971.


Even though Odd Iversen came back from Belgium in 1973, it started to go bad for Rosenborg. ‘‘Ivers’’ went away once again, this time to Vålerenga. In 1977 the club was relegated to the 2. division. A great comeback then started. Nils Arne Eggen came back as coach, and the ‘’old-boys-player’’ Odd Iversen was bougth for the record prize of 50 000 NOK. In 1985 RBK was finaly champions again, 14 years since last time. A crowd of 28 619 saw the ‘’leaguefinal’’ on Lerkendal, were Lillestrøm was beaten 1-0, after a goal from Trond Sollied, who was Rosenborg’s coach in 1998 because Nils Arne Eggen needed one year rest. After the championship in 1985; the success continued. In 1988 and 1990 the club won both the league and cup.


Rosenborg has won the league all the years since 1991, and in Europe the club has marked them selves, because no other club has played in the Champions League eight years on row. The person who has most of the honour is with no doubt is the coach; Nils Arne Eggen. Although Rosenborg has sold many players in the latest years,  Eggen has everytime managed to create a new ‘winning-team’. But now Eggen has left the club. We hope that the success will continue. Rosenborg’s most winning player; Bent Skammelsrud quited at the same time as Nils Arne Eggen.




Champions in:


Knut Næss

League champions in 1967


George Curtis

League champions in 1969


Nils Arne Eggen

League champions in 1971, and norwegian cup in 1971


Tor Røste Fossen



Jan Christensen


1976 (to 27/8)

George Curtis


1976 (from 27/8)

Nils Arne Eggen



Bjørn Rime



Nils Arne Eggen


1983 (to 1/9)

Tommy Cavanagh


1983 (from 1/9)

Harald Sunde



Bjørn Hansen



Arne Dokken

League champions in 1985

1986 (to 4/7)

Torkild Brakstad



Arne Dokken



Nils Arne Eggen

League Champions every year (- 1989) + 4 Cup (88,90,92 and 95)


Trond Sollied

Legue Champions


Nils Arne Eggen

League Champions every year + 1 Cup (1999)

2003 -?

Åge Hareide

Winners of the ‘La Manga Cup’


The fan-club is called ‘Kjernen’

They was founded in January 1996, after the old fan-club named ‘Fraggleberget’ broke up. Kjernen has about 3000 members, and is some of the biggest fan-clubs in Norway. The leader of ‘Kjernen’is Christian Brøndbo.


This year Rosenborg will go for the championship with their new coach; Åge Hareide. On Saturday RBK will play against Vålerenga, on Rosenborgs homeground; Lerkendal.


A new football season, new possibilities!!



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