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Nuclear power - my opinion

Litt om atomkraft og min mening!

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Before I started this assignment I hadn’t even thought about why nuclear power is dangerous and how we can meet the environmental challenges. Now I got a better idea of what nuclear power actually is. Nuclear power is strongly needed in many countries today. This is due to the electricity need.


I am quite scared of nuclear power after the accident in Tsjernobyl in Russia a couple of years ago. In this accident many thousands of people died, many got cancer, the nature got destroyed and even animals got sick. The accident affected many countries surrounding Russia. Even in Norway radioactive waste polluted and hurt people and animals. The biggest problem with nuclear power is releated to accidents. Let’s take an example; An airplane crashes into a nuclear power plant in Sweden, maybe the one in Barsebekk, nearby Denmark. Such an eventual accident would have made a terrible damage all around Scandinavia. We can just imagine how dangerous the nuclear power plants really are.


We could replace nuclear power with renewable energy, but it’s way to expensive and unrealistic in a short term. The other alternatives to nuclear power are coal power and gas power, but the emissions of c02 and so2 (=sulphur) are already to high. Nuclear power can also be used to make nuclear bombs and therefore it’s really important that no countries that could misuse the nuclear power can get it.


I’m not directly against nuclear power plants, but I think it’s important to close down nuclear power plants as soon as possible. It should be done gradually. It’s also important to prioritize the renewable energy, hydro power, wind power and bio power plants.

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