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Shadow of the Past

En vanlig mann dør, men får muligheten til å endre sin skjebne av det mystiske vesenet, Homunculus.

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Character Descriptions

Eike Kusch: Eike is a young boy, just taking a job at the Lebensbaum Private Art Museum. He lives in his own apartment, and is a mild-mannered youth. He has long, blond hair, blue eyes and wears his short, green jacket all the time.


Dana: Dana is a friend of Eike. She works at the local coffee shop. She has no family, and Eike is her only friend. She has long, blond hair, like Eike, and is often seen in her pink waitress uniform.


Eckhart Brum: Mr. Brum owns the town’s local museum, where Eike works. He loves his family dearly and is a kind-hearted person. He loves food, and is therefore a little thick.


Homunculus: Homunculus is a mysterious being, that assists Eike in his efforts to prevent his own death. It looks like a human being, but it has skills beyond our ability to believe. Homunculus was created by the former alchemist Johann Wagner. Its eyes blazes into pure flame whenever Homunculus

is angry, worried or scared. With an height of about 7 ft, Homunculus holds great powers.


Johann Wagner: Johann Wagner is the former alchemist of Lebensbaum, at the middle of the 18th century.

He cares little for his family, and spends most of his time in the cellar with his experiments. Johann Wagner has great knowledge of alchemy,  and is also the inventor of the Digipad, which Eike receives

from Homunculus. Johann always wears his brown coat, and his leather boots.



One Day


Eike loses his life by the hands of an unknown assailant. Eike recovers his consciousness in a strange darkness. Here, guided by the mysterious Homunculus, he obtains a time-travel device – the DIGIPAD – that will allow him to change the course of his tragic destiny.


Activating the device, Eike finds himself in a familiar coffee shop 10 minutes prior to his death. With little time left, Eike has to find a way to prevent his death.



*1.20 PM*


“Wake up Eike! You don’t look so good. You’re awfully pale. Maybe you should get some rest.”

“What? Where am I? What’s the time!?” Eike says confused.

“What’s the matter? It’s me, Dana. I work here, remember? You fell asleep. You are in Lebensbaum at café Sonne, and the time is 1.20 PM!” Dana says, quite worried.

“I don’t have much time, I’d better get going” Eike puts his jacket on, and rushes out the door.

Dana holds Eike back; “Hold on! Why the sudden rush? Let me at least thank you for lending me your cell phone.”

Eike grabs the phone and rushes down the street, not even saying goodbye to Dana, who doesn’t have anyone but Eike.


Eike is heading to the place where he met his destiny, but he does not know what to do at the ill-fated moment.


“So it wasn’t a dream. Homunculus, the Digipad, it all exists! I’d better hurry up, only 5 minutes left. Let’s see, Marketsplatz is 500 ft from here, and then I have to walk down Haubtstrabe for a minute or two.” Eike thinks for himself, but he senses something, a cold dark feeling.


*1.29 PM*


”I can’t see anyone, maybe I should act normal so the killer won’t be suspicious.”


The assassin is coming from behind, and Eike barely sees him before he can dodge the knife stab, but the man recovers fast. He is holding the knife in his hand, ready to stab again, but his face softens and he throws the knife away.


Eike doesn’t recognise him, but now that he’s calm, Eike realises that it is the museum owner, Mr. Eckhart Brum.

“Mr. Brum? Is it really you? Why are you trying to kill me? I don’t understand.”

”Please don’t tell anyone! I’m only protecting my family!” Mr. Brum covers his face.

“Your family? What do you mean? I’m confused.” Eike says.

“Well, you see. My daughter has been kidnapped, and, I don’t know why, but the kidnapper, or the kidnappers want to see you dead! I don’t even know who’s kidnapped her, but it must be someone who doesn’t like you.”


While Mr. Brum is explaining, a grey cloud appears above the ground, and a figure steps forward…it’s Homunculus! And with it is a little girl. Mr. Brum’s daughter!


“Sara! Are you all right? It’s so good to see you!” Mr. Brum is glad to have his daughter back.

“I’ll twist your head off, lousy kidnapper!” Mr. Brum says in fury.

He reaches for Homunculus, but doesn’t get far, his feet won’t move.

“You can’t kill me human! I stand above you. You’re all the same! Caring for others, being nice and sweet. It disgusts me. The race of men is weak! You can have your child. Now, leave me and Eike be!” Homunculus says with a firm voice.

“Let’s go, Sara. This place isn’t safe!” Mr. Brum says, and Sara runs towards him.

“Oh, father. I was so scared, please let’s go home to mother!” Sara says while she grabs

Mr. Brum’s hand and takes a final look at Homunculus, before they disappear around a house corner.


“So you’ve managed to escape your destiny…congratulations! I only have one more task for you.” Homunculus says.

“What task? I was offered my life back from you, and for that I am thankful, but why did you kidnap Mr. Brum’s daughter, and why did you want him to kill me?” Eike says in despair.

“That’s where the new task fits in. Mr. Brum killed you, and I was stronger than death itself, and brought you to me. Then I gave you life, to see if you could escape your destiny, and so you did. I gave Mr. Brum his daughter back, no point for me in keeping her, and now you must go back in time, to collect something I hold very dearly.” Homunculus says, and opens its fist.


“The red stone you see from the hologram in my hand, holds the key to eternal and invulnerable life, and it was an important ingredient to the making of my kind. So far, I’m the only one created, but there has been some changes in time and space since I established my dark room, where we first met. Now I fear that the former alchemist, Johann Wagner, who created me for the good, can have a chance to recreate me! You must not let that happen! If you fail, I will cease to exist, and the new Homunculus will take my place. Remember to bring me the red stone! It is of great importance to me.

Use the Digipad to travel back in time to the beginning of March 1767.” Homunculus says, and a flame blazes in its eyes.

“So, I was your little test-bunny! And what if I refuse?” Eike says angry.

“Then you will feel my wrath, and beg for death before I’ve brought you back to my darkness. You can’t refuse this task!“ Homunculus says, and its eyes have turned into pure flame.

“I thought you were good, maybe an angel after saving my life, but now I see that you’re pure evil! Just wait! Good will defeat you in the end!” Eike says while holding out the Digipad and sets it for March 1767, and disappears­.

“We’ll see Eike. Good or evil, what’s the better part? Your only role in this is to get me the Tourmaline-stone.” Homunculus says for itself, and disappears into its darkness.



*6.44 PM*


“Step away, evil sorcerer! Go back to the shadows!” an angry man with a pitchfork says.

“We don’t need your evil here, demon” a group of elderly women say, and start whispering.

“What’s the matter, what have I done?” Eike says, and steps away from the pitchfork.

“I don’t know how you got here, sorcerer, but you must leave immediately!” the man with the pitchfork says, but he looks more scared than angry now.

“I mean not to harm you, I just have an errand to do here, and then I’ll be on my way!” Eike says with a clear voice.

“What are you here for?” the man says, and lowers his pitchfork.

I’m here to visit the alchemist, Johann Wagner. Do you know where I can find him?” Eike says, and is relieved for the man lowering his pitchfork.

“I know him, but I doubt he wants visitors. He cares little for other people…but before you go; are you a sorcerer? And how did you pop out of the blue like that?” the man says wondering.

“Tell us young man, are you a sorcerer?” one of the women says.

“I am not a sorcerer, and I have never seen one in my life, but…well, I am from the future though. I even have something to prove it!” Eike says, and shows them his cell phone, and plays a little tune for them.

The man and the women are astounded, and at the same time afraid.

“I believe you! Now go and do your errand!” the man says, and tells the women to go home, before he hurries away.

“Yes, go to the alchemist’s house! It’s just around the corner of that house. You can’t miss it”

one of the women says, before they hurry to their homes.


Eike stands wondering back, and puts his cell phone in his pocket.

“How strange! The town hasn’t changed a bit the past 232 years, only that house over there is different. It must be the alchemist’s house. The woman said that was the house.” Eike starts walking towards the house.


“I must find a way to destroy Homunculus, there must be a weakness for that creature too! It can’t be invulnerable. Let’s see now…if I let the new Homunculus be created, then the Homunculus in my time will be destroyed. But what shall I do about the new Homunculus?”


Eike is thinking hard, but he’s not quite sure of what to do. His decision will affect his life, and the life of many others. In the meantime, Homunculus is infecting his mind with its dark thoughts, affecting his decision.


Eike knocks on the door to Johann’s house, and after a while, a men dressed in a brown coat opens the door.


“Can I help you? The watchman ran through here not to long ago. He said there was a strange man in town; from the future…is that you? “Johann says, not scared, but with a friendly face.

“That’s me, aren’t you scared?” Eike says, somewhat astounded.

“No, not at all, I’m building a time machine myself, but right now I’m building something far more breathtaking than a time machine! Come in! It’s so hard to find someone who’s interested in alchemy these days!” Johann says, quite keyed up.


They step inside the house, and Eike meets Johann’s daughter Margarete and his son Peter. Downstairs in the cellar, there’s a lot of machines and equipment, and a large beholder with a figure inside it. The house seems quite large, and up to time as well.


“Come over here Eike! See my Homunculus! It’s a new race, which will assist humans in life.

It can help you with everything, like a slave, only the Homunculus won’t get tired, and I’m certain the gov’t won’t bother having a machine doing all their dirty work either!

This is just a prototype, but soon they will be all around us! For the good of the people, that is.” Johann says. And rushes over to a boiling cattle.

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