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En historie om en hund.

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When Richard came home he called some friends, and asked if they could come home to him. All the five friends came home to him, and they tried to make a plan to get Tinker from the surgery. One of them got a very god idea. They went to the surgery in the evening, at seven`o clock. Every one of them had black clothes and a black cap. They looked for the main door. They found it and went in. They looked for Tinker, but they didn`t see him. They heard that a car came, it was the vet. Then they runned home.


They tried to make a new plan when they came home. They didn`t get a new plan. All his friends went home and went to bed. Richard could not sleep, because he could not stop to think about Tinker. He loved that dog. He got Tinker when he was five years old. Since that time the dog had been his best friend. They used to walk in the forest every day after Richard came home from school. Tinker loved it because he used to run after the squirrels and the rabbits. Once he bit a squirrel in the leg, and we had to take it home to the vet. Luckily he got healthy again after four days.


The day after the friends got together again, and went towards the surgery. When they came to the surgery, they saw the security guard in the toilet, and went inside. They looked for Tinker, but they didn`t see him. After a while they saw him, but the cage was locked. They looked for the keys to the cage. The saw that the security guard had them. They made a trap outside the toilet. When the security guard came out, he suddenly got a bucket with glue in his head. The kids took his keys and locked up the cage, but then they saw that it was not Tinker that was in that cage.


They runned home to Richard with the keys, and the other kids went home. Next day they came back to Richard. They wondered where Tinker could be. On of them thought that the vet had him at home. Then they decided to go and look for him at the vet`s home. They went to her house, and looked after Tinker. Suddenly they saw him in the window, but they didn`t see the vet.


All the six kids went home to Richard again. There they tried to find a way to take Tinker out of the vet`s house, and home. They went back to the vet`s house again. The vet and

Tinker came out, because they should walk on the road in the forest. Richard and his friends went after them, and went behind some trees. Richard saw a squirrel, and Tinker started to run after it. Richard runned after Tinker. The squirrel jumped into a tree, and Tinker stopped. Richard went to Tinker and said that he should follow him home. Tinker came after Richard and they went home… And lived happily the rest of theire lifes...

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