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Me as Michael Jackson...

Forfatteren forteller livshistorien til Michael Jackson fra 1. person.

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Hi, my name is Michael, and I’m going to tell you all, things that I have achieved,  and gone through in my life. I were born in the 50’s (1958), and grew up in Gary, Indiana. Right now, in this very moment, I’m 45 years old. By the way, my name isn’t just Michael Jackson, it’s Michael Joseph Jackson. I just don’t use Joseph anymore.


Well I think I was about 5 years when I started my singing career, later it just got better and better. This was in the “Jackson Five”. It was my dad who brought us 5 brothers together to sing, because he saw that we all singing talents. I was also the lead singer back then. We used to perform in local clubs. and places like that, and as our talents grew we began to perform in bigger places. We also competed in different kinds of competitions.  I have the titles of our first 4 hit singles if you want to hear them, “ I want you back”, “ABC”,  “The love you save” and “I’ll be there”.  We ( Jackson Five ) recorded about 15 albums together.


In 1982 I started my own singing career because the Jackson Five split up. This year I recorded America’s most selling album ever, “Thriller”.  I sold over 50 million copies of it, it also included 7 hit singles. I am well aware of my using of hi-technology but I’m kind of addicted to it. Simpler way to say it, is that it in a way amused me.  My most selling music video was also “Thriller” the movie itself.


It was in 1983 I first showed off with my special dance move the “moonwalk”. I practised quite a lot to make it that perfect. It has been said that I am one of the best dancers in the world, but I don’t really know about that. I have seen quite many other people that dances just as good as I do. For example : Ricky Martin is a fabulous dancer, but he’s a bit younger than me though. Throughout the time when I was making my movies, I was my own choreographer. ( Dance teacher ).


I remember one day in 1984 that I won 8 Grammy awards in one night, that must have been one of my best days in my life.


In 1994 I was together with Lisa Marie Presley,  who is Elvis’ daughter. The same year I was accused of abusing children. There has also gone some rumours about me holding an innocent child, my own child, outside the rail-fence on my porch. That’s just absurd. Who would harm a little child, a little miracle. I love children, I would never hurt anybody, or any children.

You have probably heard about Macaulay Culkin, haven’t you ? I used to baby sit him when he was younger. I can remember us sitting by the fireplace eating cookies, and drinking milk. I had so much fun babysitting him, I just don’t know how any people can be so cruel, and say that I was abusing children. I went to court, but luckily I won. After that episode my reputation got a little lower rank, but my nearest friends knew that I was innocent. Diana Ross was one of my closest friends, and supported me through bad, and good times. Now enough about me, I want to tell you about my :





I have 6 sisters and brothers. I don’t want to name all of them, but you should have heard about my sister Janet Jackson by now, am I right ? I have sung some duets with her, I really enjoyed it too, she’s such a great singer. I also have one other sister, and her name is Latoya Jackson, the rest of us are boys. Funny how many boys we are, and so few girls, don’t you think ? Together with my parents, my whole family’s count is 9, that’s including me.


As I already have told you it was my father who put the “Jackson Five” together.

As nice as he seems, he wasn’t the greatest dad in the world, he used to beat me. If I didn’t sing good enough he would punish me by hitting me.


When I was a part of the “Jackson Five” we used to stay in motels, and back then I remember that my brothers used to say that I had to keep my eyes shut when they had girls over. I knew what they were doing because I could hear the girls stun, but still I kept my eyes shut. I wasn’t stupid you know ! I was the youngest one there, so what could I do ?? In fact they were many years older than me, and bigger.


I know you guys probably want to know why I had all those plastic surgery’s. Well I don’t have any other reasons except that I didn’t like the way I looked, and that I had the money for it. There’s been said that I did it because I had the same structure, and face like my father, and that’s why I took those plastic operations. But you can’t come any further from the truth.


Well I heard you were having many other famous people to visit you, so I wont use all of your time up. Bye, nice talking to you, by the way : GREAT AUDIENCE !!!!!

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