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Dear mom and dad ...

En gutt som sender brev hjem.

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Remember when I was in Norway with you guys and we got a letter from uncle Haakon, where he told us about their new house… well, it’s HUGE! I even have my own king-size bed and room, plus I’ve got my own bathroom, isn’t that something? You should’ve tried their bubble-bath, bad luck for you that you couldn’t come with me, ha-ha you had to work! This house has all you need, it’s gigantic, it has a bubble-bath that I mentioned before, several bedrooms, several bathrooms, a massage-chair etc….Hey, this neighbourhood is the best, rich and beautiful people live here. I met a boy too, he’s as old as I am! His name is Donald. I’ve been hanging around with him lately … There’s a fast food chain that’s called KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), I went there with Don, and his family. All I have to say about the food there is…DELICIOUS!!


Yesterday we went to an amusement park called Six Flags, it was the coolest fun park ever. By the way, I took the biggest roller-coaster in the world, its name was Superman… It had two loops in it, and when we got to the “end”, it went backwards. I felt kind of sick afterwards.


Yeah, so back at home in Massachusetts (Middleboro) there aren’t too many stores, so if we really want to go shopping, we drive to Boston (Ca. 2 hours.). In Boston they’ve got enormous skyscrapers and huge shopping-centres…One of the malls there contains 6 big buildings, it’s 6 big buildings connected to each-other. In this centre you can buy whatever you want, it’s humongous!!!


Well I’m really having a good laugh now remembering this, in Norway we don’t have more than one skyscraper, and we don’t even live near it. So how often do you get to see it? Yeah that’s what I thought, maybe if you’re lucky you see it once a year. Yo mom, I know something you don’t, you want to know what it is !? I know where Ben Affleck’s mother works, she works at Boston High! We drove past it some days ago, I’ve never seen a school that big. Now I feel that I go to a school with the size of a tiny mouse…I got kind of jealous.


Now back to the nature…They’ve got really nice bike trails, where you can ride your bike. Did I mention that my uncle bought me one, a bike I mean….It cost like 70$ and that’s like 680 Nok. It was cheap I know, but the best one ever! Too bad I can’t take it with me home, it’s too heavy plus I couldn’t have brought my luggage  and the bike home as well, understand? If we only had Dunkin’ Donuts in Norway, Dunkin’ Donuts is the best Ice Cream and Donut shop in the whole entire world. They’ve got donuts with frosting on them, yellow cream inside, whatever you decide and want, they have it! I feel that America’s a more exciting country than Norway is, because it’s so different from where we live. Here they’re so friendly, they open the doors for you everywhere, and when you’re done shopping groceries they put it in your bags for you. Not only that, but they’ve got so many cool places and strange shops here, LOVE IT ! Here there’s Wallmart, K-mart, Spencer’s Gifts, Dunkin’ Donuts and many more…


I visited a shop in Boston called the Disney Shop a while ago, lots of Disney figures all over the place.
It was tremendous, amazing store I tell you.


 5 kilometres from our house is a food and candy store called Starr’s, I’ve stuck by it a few times because I’ve really wanted my favourite candy, Skittles... Yummi! Skittles is just the same as M&M but with fruit gel in it. Uncle’s also bought me a sweater where it says Boston on it, when we were as you already know, in Boston. In the shop there were all kind of weird things, but it was a souvenir shop so what could I expect!?

Me and Auntie Elisabeth went for a walk one in the neighbourhood one day, you should’ve seen those enormous houses, I still can’t believe it. They were so beautiful, but very expensive…Insane prises!!! That was a new experience, looking at those houses, that just made me want to buy one!


Do you remember when I left Sola airport with my big afro hair? Well, it’s gone. Auntie cut it… It looks good, even though I liked it big. But you didn’t. So I cut it, just for you mom. Anyway now when I put gel in it, I get my hair to look spiky.


Hey did you know that my cousin Darcy has gotten herself a new dog? Me neither, I went for a walk with it, isn’t that brave? I, who don’t even like them. He’s alright though, he doesn’t bite anyone, he’s the best. Woops, forgot to tell you its name, its name is Barky. It’s a Shepard dog, It’s a quiet one!


Hey mom and dad, you don’t have to worry, I’ll call you in a couple of days. But I have to go now, we’re eating dinner soon…



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