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Stonehenge by night


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There is one place in The United Kingdom you have to keep out from. It’s called Stonehenge, and is the  most fearsome place, if not in the whole world, at least in Europe. It’s not everyday it is so scary and ruthless. But one week every half year. No one can reveal what week this happens, because... what I call “It”, will kill everyone who says it, and the one they say it to.

But.. If you read this, I’m dead, which means that it can’t kill me, and if it don’t kill me first, it can’t kill you.


Monday 12th, gone to Stonehenge:

Today I drove from Winchester to Salisbury Plain, where Stonehenge is sited. It was huge! Very interesting place. I decided to sleep over. It’s great weather, so I sleep under the stars.


Tuesday 13th:

Didn’t sleep much tonight. Weird sounds kept me up. Sounded like a choir. Probably the wind. Anyway... I examined the stones today. I wonder who made this. I found signs on one stone:

The stones have a spell!! To late... You are affected.

I translated it like this: The stones have a spell!! To late... You are affected.

Usually I don’t care about spells and magic and such stuff, but it was someone who... I felt like someone were watching me, and laughing at me. Slept in a tent tonight. Dark clouds scared me.


Wednesday 14th:

Okay... First of all... There is something spooky here. Second of all... I’m not alone! Packed my tent, and threw it in the back of my pickup. Wanted to drive away as soon as possible. The engine is a total wreck. Tried to go away, but some force made me stay. Something manipulated me to stay and see what happens. After all: There is no such ting as ghosts.


Thursday 15th:

Nothing happened today. So I’m thinking about leaving. But not until tomorrow.


Friday 16th:

I slept half an hour tonight. Spent rest of the day to guard myself. I saw some shadows outside, but when I saw out there was no one there. When I tried to sleep again, it started screaming and crying. Someone even sung!


Saturday 17th:

My God what a creepy place! Someone tried to kill me when I slept tonight. A rock felled down, and landed just on the side of me. If I had slept on my ordinary place, on the other side of the tent, I wouldn’t have written this today.

I looked for more of those signs on the Stonehenge rocks. I found a whole in one stone. It went right through the stone, but it was dark inside. I couldn’t see trough it! I found a stick, that I late stuck in. It didn’t come out on the other side, it just disappeared. Sleeping here over night. Have to find out what happens.


Sunday 18th, my last day in Stonehenge:

I saw someone her tonight. It was corpses wandering around... Alive! One of them took on my shoulder. It was so cold! It was cooler then anything else I’ve seen. Tried to go away, but the corpses stopped me. I understand everything now! Can’t explain... You have to be here this hell week to understand clearly. But don’t come. It’s pure death inside Stonehenge. Saw my dead family; my son and wife, that died last year, and I was really glad to see them again!


Don’t go to see Stonehenge in the month of ......ber

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