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Death penalty

Teksten er skrevet som en avisartikkel og handler om dødsstraff.

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Death penalty has ever since agent times been important as punishment for criminals. Death penalty was used to prevent criminal actions. Is this barbaric and unethical, or isn’t it? Is it morally correct if all members of society accept it? But do we need these primitive punishments to day?


First of all I want to say that I am against death penalty. Take a look at the world to day. The countries how carry out death penalty, is mostly dictatorships. And countries with big social distinctions, like U.S.A. And countries that carry out with death penalty show no signs of less violence. They have a problem with crimes of violence, and they try salving it by executing criminals, and that doesn’t work. I think that the countries who have death penalty are not working good enough to solve the problem with violence.


It cost the society more to sentence people to death, instead to send them to jail. And many people who gets death penalty is innocent, so many human lives could have been saved. You do not consider consequences if you are in an emotional trance to kill.


I find very few arguments in favour of death penalty.  Some people mean that death penalty is good because, it get ride of dangerous people that’s a threat to the society. And if you have killed someone you deserve to die. But none of these arguments can make me change my opinion in this matter. I’m against death penalty! I think that all killers deserve a chance to be rehabilitated. In 99% of the cases the rehabilitation is successful. I think that speaks for itself.


Why should one who is in jeopardy of dying every day care about the law? In this case I don’t see any reason to believe that death penalty deters crime. People who is in danger of dying, have no fear of being sentenced to death penalty or other kinds of punishment.

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