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The Difference

En stil som skildrer forskjellene mellom å bo på landet og i byen.

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What’s the difference between living in the city and living in the countryside? That’s what I am going to write about now.



The City


Living in the city is very different from living on the countryside.

One of the reasons is probably that it's more social living in the      city (not that it can’t possible be social to live on the countryside, but that’s just not my experience), it's also more commercial stores and malls to “hang” at.


Also, the city is where the “life” is, like night clubs, parties, restaurants and cafés. The schools are also often in the city, and that really sucks if you live on the countryside; Standing on the bus stop 8 o’clock in the morning and full storm… not cool.


Another ting is the environment; in the city it's often much pollution due to traffic and population witch is a lot denser there.



The Countryside


The countryside… not much to say about it.

There are no social activities for teenagers of any kind; there are no malls to hang at, no bowling alley and no night clubs. Not even a gas station, taking the countryside I'm living on as an example.

Another ting about the countryside is that are almost only old people living there. I guess it's nice to have someone to scare on Halloween though, but from old people to young people… there aren’t any babes either, and that’s a total tragedy. Another problem are the farms there, in the summer and the autumn there are cows and sheep’s everywhere and smell from the fertilizer is absolutely terrible.


But there are some advantages with the countryside, its quiet there, clean air and light population.

There is also a great nature and wildlife (except from the sheep’s and the cows) unaffected by the society. But there are some other small things that are kind of frustrating:


· The mail is late.

· Each house don’t have an own address assigned like street names and numbers.

· One of the neighbors will always have a dog since he’s 70 year’s old and like to hunt.

· You will be invited to all your neighbors’ birthdays, funerals, etc… (Since they’re all so old, there will be a lot of funerals).



So, since I'm a teenager, like to hang at the malls and being social, like to party, like having a lot of people around me and don’t like silence, old people, the smell of fertilizer, funerals every week, waking up to the neighbors dog every Saturday and don’t care about pollution and traffic I think I would prefer living in the city, though that’s not the fact, I actually live in the countryside so yes, I don’t have an address, no mall, late mail, and a dog waking me every Saturday.

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