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The Alchemist by: Paulo Coelho

Bokanmeldelse av "Alkymisten".

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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Published in 1995

ISBN: 82-525-3989-0

191 pages


Bought by 25 million people in 156 countries, it says on the cover of my version of Coelhos adventure about the young pastoral Santiago.  A real bestseller you are told. But is The Alchemist also a good book? Yes, as a matter a fact it is!


The history about the shepherd Santiago, that leaves the south-Spanish level country to challenge and look into his own dream, and find his own history.  This leads him from Spain, to Tangier, through the desert and in the end to the pyramids in Egypt. On his voyage he meets people as in any other book, pretty girls, magical men and warriors. The 16th year old boy Santiago spend the night on a abandoned church, and in his sleep he dreams the same dream as the week before. That he by the pyramids in Egypt would find a huge treasure. And then he goes away. He came upon a lot of helpers, among others Melkizdec, the king of Salem. He gave  Santiago two advisory stones: Urim and Tummim, yes and no and a guidance. “ When you cant see the signs, you can use the stones. Always ask them clear questions.”


My analysis on the boy Santiago is that he is something different and special, and that is why he has chosen to pass of on this big journey.  A journey that shows out to be anything but expected.


The Alchemist is told in a universe of mystery, signs and faith. It’s spoken about devotionally, philosophy and allot about the ways of life and love. We get to know and learn about the man in the glass shop in Tangier. We cross the Sahara in a camel-caravan, we get attacked by robbers, and we invoke and conqueror the winds, the suns and the deserts powers.  This book is a magical history that tells you about dreams, treasures, about listening to your heart, and follow it. It is a thought-provoking book. The main point in this book is that you should follow your dreams, your heart, and to see the signs that the world brings.  It constantly give an account  to the world soul  and the language of the universe, and that can be a bit enjoying from time to time. It gets a little bit irksome at the end, but it is diffidently worth reading. If you understand and put your soul into this book, you can learn much about life, and it gives you allot of experiences.


The story is told in a good tempo, its constantly going forward, even when the hero dwells upon a occupation for a long time. But the whole thing goes from slowly up in smoke to perfect, beautiful and a symbolic raising unity.

After reading this book I am stuck with this one thought. Should you listen and follow your dreams, no matter what they are? What are the odds that it will come true?  This book gets my mind going and wondering how much you should listen to yourself, your heart and soul.   I had a true adventure reading this book, and I could recognise myself in Santiago. This eager to see the world, to lay the world under your feet.



So I will throw the dice to 5 on this book. Read it, learn from it!




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