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Trademarks on Stanley Kubrick

Kjennetegn på den fantastiske kultfilm-regissøren Stanley Kubrick.

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Even though many people look at Stanley Kubrick as an unpredictable director, he always includes some “trademarks” in many of his films. For example, his films have a common theme of dehumanization; he makes the human behaviour lean more over to the bestial side.


The moods in most of his films are sombre and gloomy. Kubrick also includes symmetric image composition and long “zooming out” and/or “zooming in” sequences, which fits together with his extreme close-ups of intensely emotional faces. Another ”trademark” is that all of his films feature a scene taking place in a bathroom.


The Kubrick films also have a tendency to begin with a voice over, i.e. a voice is heard without the audience seeing the person who is speaking. Examples of this technique may be found in “Paths of Glory”, “A Clockwork Orange” and in “Dr.Strangelove”.


The music in Kubrick’s films are hardly ever composed for the particular movie. Instead he uses previously composed music, for example Beethovens 9th Symphony in “A Clockwork Orange”.


Stanley Kubrick rarely gave interviews and he refused to talk about his movies on set as he was directing them, and he never watched them when they were completed.



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