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Can we forgive?

Stil om jødene under 2. verdenskrig.

Karakter: 5- (10. klasse)

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What happened to the Jews during World War 2 is hard to imagine. We can see pictures, movies and read about it, but don’t we have great equipment today? Couldn’t a movie be made on a PC, a picture be drawn by hand, or a book be written?


We need to see it with our own eyes, see ”the death wall” in Auschwitz, walk in a gas chamber, see the camp entrance with the sign: ARBEIT MACHT FREI, before we understand the terrible things the Jews went through, what this crazy Nazis did to them!


First they got hunted up, because no Jew should go free. Then they were sent by train, mostly to Poland and Germany. Many died in the transports, the wagons were stuffed full, they had no toilet facilities, food or water for 3-4 days. Whole families were sent away! Some of the lucky ones escaped to Sweden or other neutral countries, but that wasn’t many! A few of them ended up in working camps in their own country, but mostly, they were sent to a sure death…

When they arrived, they had to stand up in row walking up to the SS officers when it was their turn, almost everyone had to go to the right. They got the message that they should take a shower and then start a new life in peace, together with their family, but they didn’t… They were sent right into a horrible death!


The other ones, who went to the left, the young, strong boys and men, had to work hard all day long. They got almost no food and had to fight for a place to sleep. Some of them escaped, but then others got killed. If they were ill, they were too expensive to be kept alive, if they worked to slow, they got shut. Many of them had no hope and couldn’t hold it anymore…

Most of them died at last, they were killed in the gas chambers right before Germany was beaten in 1945. Many of the concentration camps were ruined, burned down to earth. The Nazis wanted to destroy the proof of the cruel things they had done!

But we can see the track of them, we will never forget it! No matter what! We need to remember, to make sure that this won’t happen again, and protect the world against this cruelty. We need to help people to understand that this isn’t right, everyone is the same inside! We need to remember; the ones who fought for their religion, and died, the ones who fought for other peoples rights, and died, the ones who fought for their land, and died, the ones who survived, the ones who made it! And we also need to remember the families who lost their dears.


But the question is, can we forgive? Can we forgive someone who killed millions of people? Can we…?

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