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Forrest Gump

Sammendrag av filmen


Forrest Gump is a brilliant movie! I enjoy it every time I see it, and I still enjoys seeing it. Tom Hanks does an excellent job as the actor of the role Forrest Gump. He lived in Greenwood, Alabama. Forrest wasn’t like the other kids. He’s IQ was 75. 5 under the limit to go on a normal school. But because of his low IQ, it didn’t mean that he was stupid! He was maybe a little bit slower than others…in some ways. Some people would say, after seeing the movie that he was a gifted man. I would personally say that this man didn’t look up to him as many others would have done. And I can also wonder how much a person can experience in his ignorance. He was also the person who could just agree to do something BIG, just without thinking about the consequences. Forrest was as simple as kids are. The story is told by himself as he waits at a bus-stop, and he told the story with such ignorance like he still was a child.


He had problems learning to walk so he had to get ”magic legs” (as his mother called it). His mother was also telling him about life in a way that he would understand it:


”Life is like a box of chocolate. You’ll never know what you’re going to get.”


Forrest loved his mother. He adored her, and looked up to her, and always remembered the wise words she had said to him. Forrest’s father was dead. And his mama told Forrest that his father was on a vacation. And she also told that to have a vacation was to go on a trip, and never come back. And like the first day he was going to school. The bus stopped, and Forrest waited with walking into the bus. ”Are you going to the school or what”, the buslady said while smoking. ”Mama says I’m not allowed to drive with strangers”, Forrrest said. And he presented himself to the buslady, and they were not strangers anymore. He did always remember the words of his mother. And it was on the bus he met the most beautiful girl in the world. No one would sit with Forrest. No one but Jenny. They started talking and talking. And from that day they were like piece and carrot together. That was the only friend Forrest had.


Other kids in the neighborhood didn’t like Forrest. They thought he was different, especially because of the ”magic legs” that he had. So one day some boys came after Forrest, who was walking up his street with Jenny. They started throwing stones after Forrest, and Jenny just shouted: ”RUN FORREST RUN!!” Well known words in the movie…. Forrest started running, and it didn’t go that fast in the beginning, cause of his legs. But as the boys with the bikes came closer he ran faster. And in a miraculous moment God gave him a gift. As he ran his ”magic legs” broke into small pieces, and Forrest ran… all by himself. From that day he ran EVERYWHERE he was going.


Jenny lived with his father and her sisters in a old farmer house. Forrest thought that their father loved his daughters since he always was holding and touching them. But the truth was something more horrible than that….


Forrest and Jenny were like piece and carrot to high school. Forrest wasn’t sure that we was getting in to a college, because of him being not as smart as everybody else. One day some boys (or men) showed up. Probably the same kids as when Forrest was young. It was a dejavu, from when he was a kid, but this time they showed up in a car. Forrest started running while Jenny was shouting: ”RUN FORREST RUN!!” He ran, and ran, and couldn’t get rid of the car. He took a sharp right into a field. He didn’t think about what was going on out there. And suddenly he was right in the middle of an American Football game. He ran even away from the players on the field. That’s how he got into college.


Jenny went to a girls college. And he got into college because he was so fast, and would make a good football player. He played on the college team. His team-mates always passed him the ball and the crowd shouted: ”RUN FORREST RUN!!” …and he ran! He scored touchdown and ran even outside the field. He didn’t know the rules or anything. He just ran. He got even on the national team in American Football. He played on big stadiums then. And everytime he scored a touchdown, fans over the exits on the stadium put out a sign which told him to stop. Cause of his ”talent” in football he got to meet the president. He thought that the greatest thing about meeting the president was all the food….and the Dr.Peppers! He drank 15 Dr.Peppers! And when he came on national TV, talking to the president, all he had to say to the president was ”I gotta pie”.


He graduated college, and got into the army. The first thing he said in the army was to present himself to the man who drove the bus. I think Forrest was surprised by the rudeness that met his in the army. But Forrest was never afraid of anything that might scare him. He thought he was made for the army. He just had to do what he was told to do. And he did make a brilliant soldier too. He put a gun together on a new army record. Also on the bus, the only one who would sit with Forrest was this black guy named Bubba. All that guy talked about was shrimps! 100 ways to serve shrimps, 100 ways to fish shrimps, shrimping business and so on… Bubba was like Forrest. They were both a bit simple-minded, and they made best friends in the army.


At the time he was in the army, Jenny had got a job as a singer. That was Jenny’s dream, and the dream come through. Forrest was going to see her the first weekend he had the opportunity. What he didn’t know was that Jenny was singing and playing on a guitar naked. Jenny wasn’t really like the little innocent girl Forrest thought she was. She was a hippie, and did drugs, and stuff like that.


But the day Forrest went to see Jenny perform, a pig of a guy started grabbing after Jenny on the stage. Forrest went down to him, and kicked him away.


Forrest was never violent. But it was only when someone was hurting Jenny that he had to be violent. Why? That evening they took a walk. ”Why are you doing all this for me?”, Jenny asked. Forrest told her that he loved her. ”Forrest, you don’t know what love is”, she said. She thought that he didn’t know what love was, just because he wasn’t as quick as other. But if there was something Forrest knew what was – it was love! Love like he had got from his mother.


Because of his skills as soldier, he was sent to the Vietnam War. He’s lieutenant in the war was lieutenant Dan. Dan liked Forrest and Bubba. They were so like each others that Dan joked about them two being twins. Forrest and Bubba didn’t see the joke in that, and declined that rumor.


Forrest liked Vietnam. He got to see so much of the beautiful country, on all of their troups after this guy called Charlie. (Charlie is a call sign that they use in wars. Like Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta) One day they met ”Charlie”. They were ambushed by the vietnamises. They had to retreat. Many of the men in the troop were shot. Forrest did like he had promised Jenny. He wasn’t gonna to be brave, he was just going to run! And he did… he was soon all alone. And that wasn’t good. Bubba was gone. He ran back after Bubba. He didn’t find Bubba cause there was always someone else that needed help. Forrest carried almost the whole troop out of the jungle. He carried also Dan out in the safe. But Dan was shot in his legs. He denied to be carried away. He wanted to die in honour, as the rest of his well-known fathers had done. But Forrest didn’t obey the order to let Dan lie. He carried him away too.


Bubba was shot bad. Forrest found him too. Bubba died…. And Forrest had given Bubba a promise. They were going into shrimp-business sometimes. Now it meant that he had to go by himself. Dan lost his legs. And Dan was EXTREMLY angry on Forrest for ruining his ”destiny”. At the hospital Forrest tried playing ping-pong for the first time. There was only one thing to remember: To keep your eyes on the ball.


He went back from the war, and got a honour medal for rescuing so many in the war. He went to Washington D.C. to get it from the president. And he came on TV too. And when he was talking to the president he told him that he was wounded in his butt. The president was joking when he said that he had to see it, but that didn’t Forrest understand so he showed it to him…. In front of the cameras too.


He met Jenny while holding a speech with the hippies in D.C. They walked around all day in Washington talking. But she had to leave with the bus with her boyfriend, who wasn’t very nice to her. He hit her once while Forrest watched, and that meant trouble. Forrest beat him down, of course.


He was also playing ping-pong and he was on the national team and played matches in China. China was a communistic country so it wasn’t many americans who were there. So he was on a talkshow about the conditions in China with John Lennon when he came home.


He started on his promise to Bubba after spending a while at home. He had excactly 25000$ to spend on shrimping business. First it went bad. All he got was shoes, and toilet seats, and crap! But on day Dan arrived at the wharf. He didn’t seem that angry anymore at Forrest. Perhaps it was cause he had found out that he was a bit simple-minded. I don’t konw. But anyway he had to keep his promise that he should join Forrest in shrimping, if he became a shrimper. So they went to sea. One day there was a storm. They survived but another firm didn’t survive. And after that day it was tonnes of shrimps to catch. They got a lot of money.


One day Forrest received a call. His mother was sick. He jumped of the boat and swam to the shore immediatly. He came home, and his mother died right after that. He owned the house now. One day Jenny suddenly came to him. She could live in his house, cause she had no where else to stay. They lived together for a while and Forrest loved it that she lived with him, and suddenly one morning she had to go again. It became extremly boring at home then. Then one day he just felt for running. First it went to the end of the street, then to the end of the city, and then to the end of the state. When he was hungry, he ate. When he was tired, he slept. He ran to an ocean in the west, and he started running and came to the an ocean in the east. The media got interrested in why he did it. They didn’t understand that he just felt for it… people joined him. Suddenly one day in the desert he…..felt…tired. He stopped and turned around and ran home. The followers of him didn’t know what to do next.


He came on the front page on many magazines because of his running. And now we’ve come to the part of the movie when he’s sitting on the bus-stop waiting for a bus. He was taking the bus to Jenny’s apartment. And he had sat there and told the story to many people who had also waited for the bus. When he finally knocked on Jenny’s door, he saw her again. She was really happy to see him again. Jenny had got a son too. Forrest had no idea that it was his kid, before she told it to him. He was very surprised, and then a bit worried. Worried that he would be simple-minded like Forrest. But he was one of the smartest kids in class.


Forrest and Jenny moved in the old house again. And one day they sat of late at night Jenny asked Forrest to marry her. ”Ok”, he said like he always before had just jumped into big things. Forrest had asked Jenny to marry him before, but she said no then. So they got married in the garden to the house. And even lieutenant Dan came to the wedding. He had got magic legs too, like Forrest had once. And he had also got engaged with a woman. Dan had invested in a ”fruit company” called Apple. (it’s a BIG computer firm, but Forrest didn’t know that)


But in Jenny’s ”hippiedays” she had got HIV. She died after a while. Poor Forrest had so many people around him that had died. He was doomed to be alone…. It’s so sad to think about all his friends he had lost. But the strange thing with Forrest is that I think that a man CAN’T have done that much in his life, and NOT become a celebrity. Or maybe he was… who knows when it was himself that told the story…


But Forrest Gump was a man I actually had wanted to be… after myself, of course! J

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