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Force 10 from Navarone

Bokrapport med handlingsreferat fra boken Force 10 from Navarone skrevet av Alistair MacLean. Fikk karakteren 5 i 9. klasse.

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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The main-character in this story is Mallory. Along with Miller and Andrea he is the person that is mentioned the most. Mallory, Miller and Andrea are three men working for the allied intelligence. They have just come home from a mission. But as soon as they are home they get sent off to a new mission that they get in Neretva. The valley of Neretva is an important sector of the main north-south route through Yugoslavia. Miller, Mallory and Andrea put on themselves parachutes and after some time with flying they are dropped somewhere over Neretva close by to the Partisans headquarters. This book is divided into chapters according to which day and time it was. MacLean goes chronologically forward in this book from Thursday at midnight to Sunday a quarter past 2 This period is divided into almost 15 chapters (not very long chapters) with time periods like Friday 02.00- 04.45. This mission that these three men are assigned to is very secretive. It has such high rank of confidentiality that they keep as a secret even to their own allies. In Neretva there is a huge dam. South to the Neretva River is General Zimmermann’s two armoured divisions. These are the bad guys. They are Germans who are trying to invade all of Yugoslavia as soon as possible. This place is very important to have control over and it mustn’t be lost to the Germans in this book.

The two German divisions to General Zimmermann are very sore if anything should happen. For example: that the dam could blow up. The river would flow over and take the two divisions in a matter of seconds. This is exactly what happens; Mallory manages to get thru the heavily guarded zones around General Zimmermann’s two divisions whit a little help from Miller and Andrea, he gets by all the security but the dam is being guarded so well, that he has to die if he shall manage to make the dam explode. At least that’s what you are supposed to think, but really he just kills all the guards and plants a bomb and runs back to headquarter whit Miller and Andrea. Mallory, which is the main-character, is very busy in this book. He talks with everybody, does everything important himself. He’s a man of action and brains. With other words, he’s all a hero possible can be. Miller seems a bit older and more irritated. This is shown from a humoristic point of view in this thriller. Miller comes very often with sarcastic comments to things people say and he always tries to see it from a humoristic point. Andrea is very mysterious but very loyal. He is brave and has a very strong will.


Many people would find this book very interesting I think, and I do understand them. My view on this book is that it is a very interesting book but not the type of books I usually, so my opinion is that I didn’t like this book, I think that such type of books is made to entertain people in some cases. And I know for sure that it will be a long time before I read MacLean again. His way of telling stories is very good but I don’t appreciate all the action it’s not for me, it builds up inside me until I can’t take no more. But he takes you into the action scenes and he pictures the situation very well. I think I can with pretty good conscience recommend this book to anyone who likes a bit of excitement and thinks such books are exciting. But maybe they should read the book this book is based on. Something I haven’t done.


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