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Charles Dickens

Kort om Charles Dickens og hans liv.

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Charles Dickens was born in Portsmounth in 1812 and died the year of 1870. Althougth he only became 58 years old, he managed to do a lot of things in his life. Ha had a lot of energy, that he used on many different things. Before ha became a real writer, he was a journalist, one of those who came first at the place and first out with the news. In many years he edited his own newspaper. He fougth the poores case and did social help. When he was finished his writing work for the day, he gladly walked 20 km. on 3 hours.


Dickens was something on his own, something special. He created a dickensworld, that has fasinated young and old readers.

It is said that Dickens popularized the English novel. He actually revolutionuzed the English bookmarket when he started selling his novels in small, cheap booklets that usually was seperated in 18 booklets, each one on 32 pages with picures. In this way Dickens novels became common property, because many novelreaders was so poor that they didn’t have afford to a shilling monthly.


Dickens went to school when he was young, but he had to drop out to work. His father was without work and sometimes he was in prison. Dickens also had to live in the prison with his dad. His family were poor.

Dickens read a lot on his own and he was stydying the people crowd in the streets of London and along the Thames. He got inspierd of the people, the situations and the daily life, and that’s what impressed is authorship.

In 1827 he became a apprentice on a lawyeroffice, at the same time as he tougth himself stenography to make money as a parlamentstenograph. His first literary success came in 1833, when he started to public his roughdrawing from London under the psevdonym Boz.


In 1836 he got married with Cathreine Hogasth, but they got devorced i 1856.

His first big work was printed in 1836 under the title “Sketches by Boz.” “Illustrative of Energy-Day Life” and “Every-Day people” followed. “The Posthumors Paper of the Pickwick Club” is beside “David Copperfield” the work the readers has liked the most. He has written a lot of novels since, but the most famous is “Oliver Twist” and “David Copperfield.”

Dickens production characterize real humor, fantasy and exellent writerart. With his novels he contribused to abolish many social wryness and and other disproportions. It is few writers in his time and this time who has been more loved and abstinenced than him...


Oliver Twist

Is a very melodramatic history about a little poor boy that get himself involved with a criminalgang in London. In the many scenes from Londons streets has Dickens drown a unforgetable picure of a time and a sorrounding that for a long time ago is history. Dickens step forward as a consious defenser for the unhappy in the society.

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