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The African rainforest

Om regnskogen og hvorfor den er viktig.

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The deforestation of the rainforest in Africa is one of the most important environmental issues we have today. Every day there is chopped down areas of the rainforest as big as several football fields. The reason why this is done is many. One of the reasons is that the poor people that live there have to cut down large areas of the forest, because they need a place for their crops and their cattle. Another reason is that big companies like McDonalds cut it down so that they can have a cheap place where their cattle, that soon will be turned into hamburgers, can use for pasture. They also use the trees they cut down, for example mahogany, in their restaurants. The forest is shrinking constantly. A good thing about all this is that the poor people in Africa can get a job on for example McDonalds farms, or some of them might even have their own farm. If you look at it like this it’s not that bad, because it helps many of the poor people in Africa to make money, and it makes Africa a much richer land.


If you look at this from another point of view, then it’s a serious thing that the entire world should help stopping. That is because after a while the pasture turns into desert, that can’t be used for anything, and then the farmers have to cut down new areas. When the forest is being cut down, millions of animals will die, and many species of animals and plants will soon die out. In the rainforest there are plants that can cure many diseases like for example cancer, and many scientists think that there is a cure for aids there too. If you look at it like this, then the deforestation is a huge problem for the world. Once it has been cut down, it’s gone forever, and that is a big risk. Imagine what the forest may look like in a hundred years. Perhaps the entire forest is gone.


I think that the big, rich companies like for example McDonalds should not waste the rainforest, like they do. The African people who live there should be allowed to use some of it for cattle and things like that, but then it is really important that the forest is growing as fast as they cut it down.

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