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Audi Rs2

Dette er om Audi Rs2 sin historie.

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Based on the 80 sedan, Audi itself created a 230 hp, quattro 4wd-equipped coupe called S2. As a new attempt, S2 also appeared in estate version, called S2 Avant. However, no matter the S2 coupe or the S2 Avant, enthusiasts found them lack of the performance to fight against the contemporary 286 hp BMW M3.


At the same time, Porsche was manufacturing a fabulous high-performance sedan, 500E, on behalf of Mercedes-Benz. The 500E was modified by Porsche and built in its own factory based on the W124 saloon. Audi was impressed by Porsche's success of transforming the ordinary Mercedes into a dynamic sports sedan, while Porsche was also seeking a complement to the factory as the production of 500E was going to bad, Porsche was offered a contract to develop and manufacture an even faster S2 Avant, called "RS2".


Based on the S2 Avant, Porsche installed a bigger KKK turbochargerand and stiffer camshaft to the 2.2-litre 20 valves straight 5-cylinder engine. Boost pressure raised from 1.1 bar to 1.4 bar, together with revised engine management programme (of course) and modified exhaust, the power output jumped from 230 to 315hp. Porsche also fitted 968's massive brakes to all four wheels, ensured terrific stopping power. As a result, RS2 was not only the fastest Audi, but the fastest estate in the world. Acceleration was astonished - 0-100 kmh took just 5.2 sec !!


Equipped with the AWD quattro system, a 6-speed manual gearbox, an identical unit to the S2 (ditto for the Torsen diff that it's hooked up to), and the powerful 315 hp engine, the RS2 comes off as an perfect driver's car. And it delivers, even with a rather hefty 1600+ kg curb weight, 50 kmh goes by in only 1.5 sec which is on par with a McLaren F1! . Grip and traction are abundant when joining the four-wheel-drive system and 245/40 Dunlop tires.


Exterior differences over the 80 include a new front bumper, fenders and larger air intake, uniformely coloured exterior details, new mirrors is alsow buted on,  and a ride height that has been lowered by 40 mm (approx. 1.575 inches). Inside, a 3-spoke leather steering wheel, Recaro sport seats and a 188 mph (300 kmph) speedometer complete the package.


So what exactly is the point of the RS2 - a high performance, Porsche 911 matching, car? Exactly. While the RS2 is still no 911, the steering is not responsive enough and the car understeers at the limit, it's the closest thing to a 5-door Porsche yet. Like so many other cars, RS2's are some of a rarity, to the fact that they were produced in limited numbers, and are difficulty find for many enthusiasts. Only 3500 cars ware made, and about 1000 of these cars are wracked. And it was onley produced from late 1994 to early 1996.

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