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"The Deer Stealers" (G. Vickers)

En bokrapport fra boken "The Deer Stealers".

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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The tiltle of the book is "The Deer Stealers".

The autor of the book is Geoffry Vickers.

The book was published by Gyldendal forlag in Norway in 1968, so the book is quite old.

Whole book is keeping 55 pages.


What happends in the book?

Following is happening in the book.

In the first of the book we are beeing introdused whit Hugh. He is speaking an history from old times when he was a child. Hugh`s father was an woodman. And their cottage they only had two rooms and an attic, where Hugh were sleeping along with his broders and sisters. This history he going to tell us is from when he was a bit younger than now.


One day he was out in the forest with a big basket looking for mushrooms out in the forest by his house. When he saw a strange old quiet man that were laying a bundle of sticks by his feet. The old man had tousand of bees siting on his head, and he was afraid of move. So Hugh helped the poor man. This man Live all around the forest.

Pat were the old mans name, and he thanked Hugh. This meeting would mean much to Hugh later on. He was meeting Pat (the old man) quite often. He were learning lots of thing from Pat. But one day, Pat sent Hugh home, and Hugh did not see Pat for many years.


He was now 16, and he was about for the first time in his life on his way to the town, in the valley. After his father were sending him away with one of his coustomers that were bying faggot of Hugh`s father. The same day the wagon he were sitting in crash in the middle of the town, and all the faggons that they had with them were laying out in the streets. He did see that the faggots were filled by vension(deer beef), he spoked with the man who take him with him to the town, and he could tell Hugh that his father in many year have sold vansion(deer beef) And if Hugh tell this to enyone, his father and Hugh will be hanged. Because vansion were not legal to sell.


That same night he run home, trough the big forest. And he were stopped by some dangerous men that wanted to know the truth about his father business, they were torturating him, but he fighting all the men, because Pat have learnt him som fights.

He got away. The scary men were sending bloodhounds after him. Finaly he fall down in "dead man`s bottom" the place Pat have told him so much about if you are tracked by bloodhounds, he meet Pat again down in det "dead man`s bottom", they are spying out of there and are hunted by blooddogs. Pat told Hugh that Hugh`s dad is very rich man(selling vension) Pat is also rich, but are hiding in the forest.


Hugh is going home to his family, safe and happy, Because he knowd that he would se Pat again soon.


Are there any pictures or drawings?

Yes, alot of them. They explain hard word in the book. The drawings are not so nice, but you can se whats on them.


About the main caracters:

Pat: He was an old man with white hair, Hugh tought he was old, but he did move like he were an youngster.

His body was white, and had alot of muscles.


Hugh: He are an smart young, thin and strong boy. The drawings is showing that Hugh has long hair.


The others: the book are not telling us how Hugh`s dad, mom or brother are looking like.


What message is the book trying to convey?

That for many years ago it werent legal to sell deer beef, so the people were selling it unlegal, this they could beeing hanged for.

The book in not really trying to convoy a message I think.


Easy or difficult to read?

The book is very difficult in the start, you need to be very consentrating and you need to remember alot of thing later in the bokk that is said in the start of the book. In the middle/end, the book is quite funny to read. It happend cool stuff, and you just sitting waiting for Hugh to meet Pat again. The end is easy to read.


Exiting or boring?

The start is boring, but the book is getting better in the middle/end.

I thougt this book were an good book for young people that trying to be good in English. Or just training to begin reading some big english books like "harry potter" and "Lord of the rings - Fellowship of the ring".


Did you like the book?

Yes, I did like it. But I dont think I would like this book to be on 2-300 pages. Its to boring for that, you will sleep then.

I like that book, because it were easy to wright about this book in this book report. The happening in the book is good, you only need to read this book once to understand the whole thing.

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