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Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Bok- og filmomtale av "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring".

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At last I got to see the much spoken movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring at Coloseum. After reading all this great reeves and user comments, 99% of them were good or positive, I just could not wait. The movie lasted for 3 hours, and I could feel that in my eyes. 

I don’t usually reeveing movies, but this one is special. It can also be a little bit different from what you are used to.

When a person are going to reeves a film like Fellowship of the Ring there is not easy to know where you are going to start.



Peter Jackson...
Peter Jackson is the producer, and i am werry impressed by his preformance in this movie. That he has made a so good film out of a so good book is almost unthinkable. When he has pressured not only the crowd, but the critics to... That is a master work. Do not think he made the thing alone, because there where about 2000 people there to make the movie, but to be the boss and say what everyone are going to do is not easy. Even recording three movies at the same time, and made it ”perfect”. Thanks Pete Jackson… You did it! 


The Actors
Well I am not the best man to se or figure out a good or bad actor but I think the actors in this movie did a good job. Frodo is played by the young actor Elijah Wood, in the first I did not like him. He just did not fit in like the Frodo in the book… But I got used to him, and he did a magnificent job. The other hobbits are also played by great actors. Merry and Pippin(Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd) gives the movie a more humoristic sense, and that is a good thing. Sean Astin as Sam does a great job there. The actor I am most impressed by is Ian McKellen, he plays the old wise warlock Gandalf. He really suits the character and makes him more powerful. Legolas are played by an dwarf, Orlando Bloom. He is not so known, but after these movies he I going to be a celebrity. He is a perfect elf, and you can see all the action scenes that he is good. Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn), Liv Tyler (Arwen), John Rhys-Davies (Gimli), Christopher Lee (Sarumann), Ian Holm (Bilbo), Cate Blanchett (Galadriel), Hugo Weaving (Elrond) and last Sean Bean (Boromir) did all a god job. I don’t have to say all the good word for the rest of these people… It is all the same Ian McKellen and Elijah Wood and the three hobbits. 


Gandalf at meeting with other warlocks.


Frodo and Sam, played by Elijah Wood and Sean Astin.


Special effects is a part of this movie, and they are good. But it can be to tense to see Gollum in the next to movies. By the 5 first min. you can see Gollum sitting in his cave and “snuggle” with the ring, there he can look like an animated person, but that is just details. The effects are werry good. WETA has done a good job.


The cave troll that are fighting against the fellowship in Moira’s mines.


The village

The village in the start of the movie is one of the things I wondered about… how did they build it? Didn’t people around the area wonder what was going on? I will give you the answer… The movie has been planed for over 17 years. For 16 years ago they had to build a village that fitted in like it was told in the book, so they started building it and they got the people living near the village to help them. Some of them also lived there and made it possible to even have a small village.



The Balrog is huge! Compared to the cartoon where the Balrog looks like an angry lion/butterfly-creature with slippers and a size about 1.90 m., it is here made like a real thing. When The Fellowship is in Moria and the balrogen appears you can see that the lights from it come from the other side of the hall. All the orks disappears. It is just Gandalf that knows what is going on. They run, and just when they reaches the bridge at Khazad-dum breaks the Balrog through the big wall and then we can se the balrogen him self. It is real big; it’s like a big black burning thing. A real daemon in other words. 


The Watcher in the Water They meet one of these just before entering Moria. It is huge, consider the book it have been a few changes. But it doesen’t matter. The time they meet the ”guardian” is kind of action full. It could remind of an octopus but wit  out the bold head. One of the arms to the “guard” grabbed Frodo and lifts him up and down, we gets to see the “guardians” body just before he eats Frodo. The “guardian” destroys the entrains to Moria.


Orks Is like ordinary Mordor orks, Moria orks and like Sarumann’s super orks: Uruk-hai. We get to see that an Uruk-hai (Lurtz probably) get hatched in the tunnels under the Orthanc. It is a lot of fighting specially with swords. They fight much with orks in the end of the movie and when they are in Moria. The orks are made the way they should be; ugly, discussing, stupid, and dangerous.



Cave troll. It is only one cave troll in the movie, but you get to see it a lot. In one action cene at Moria were the fellowship are attacked by many orks and cave trolls. The cave troll is large (ca 3 m), dark green, and it can look like an evil type of Shriek. The take where the fellowship fights against the cave troll is awesome. The Troll is looking very good even that it is made by animation. 


Ring protectors, Nazgul or Black Nights. These are the characters you see much of early in the movie. By my opinion they seem much more frightening in the movie than they do in book. It is cool when we can se their face. They look just like a black night should look. 



Changes from the book
The movie is very good to the book. But to get the whole book to slip in to 3 hours, they had to leave something out. The dialog in the film has changed a lot. They have changed it in to a perspective for people that do not have read the books. This leads to a more effichiant script. You get to know the whole story, much faster than like if you had to read the book. If the dialog had to be just like it is in the book, it had been much harder to understand the story and get used to the way they speak. But some of the most known things they say are still there. Like: When Gandalf says: "Fool of a Took" etc. to Pippin in Moria, just as he does in the book. The small fight between Bilbo and Gandalf in the first chapter (if I remember right) is also just the same. 

There are so many other changes, so if you want to know them ask me later. I will give you a paper.Thanks!!




The movie is incredible detailed! I do not even bother telling you all of them, you will get sick of it. We get to see a map from The Hobbit, and the scene where Arwen just pops up, you can se three trolls in stone. The picture under… I do not need to explain.


Rivendell is great and detailed!


Elrond and other elfs under the battle. 


The Soundtrack to this movie is composed by Howard Shore, he has also done a good job. The music fits all the time, he have lived in to the story and just knew what he should create. He makes the right feeling in the room. I am not so good in judging music so I can’t come up with more. 




In the movie it is a lot of action in this movie. The opening battle is insane, it is just crazy! It is nothing going wrong under the scene and there got to be over 2000 people playing at that set. I just can’t wait to see the Helms Deep battle in “The Two Towers” and the huge battles in “The Return of the King”. The action scenes are good lined up, and very entertaining. Spesically the scene where the fellowship fights against the cave troll is more likely entertaining. The thing I noticed fast was that there was not any blood. That is good on one way, but bad on the other way. In The Two Towers there will be more blood. 



I will recommend this movie on my strongest. I have seen it three times and I have just liked it more and more. I am not sure if it still runs on the cinema, but it will soon come out on DVD or VHS. I hope I have inspired you as a reader to go and see the movie, or rent it as a video.

Well now it is just one year to wait to see “The Two Towers”  and two years to see “The Return of the King”.


Gandalf the Wizard rides into Hobbiton with Frodo in his cart. The Shire is a peaceful and beautiful place with friendly Hobbits and gentle rolling hills.


Gandalf stops in front of Bag End, the Hobbit home of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. Gandalf and Bilbo are great friends who have shared many great adventures together. Frodo is Bilbo's younger cousin.


The land of The Shire is a scenic and peaceful part of Middle-earth.

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