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The Door That Changed My Life

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”I’m coming mom! I’m on my way,” I screamed down the stairs. It was Saturday, and I was on my way to the kitchen. Breakfast was waiting; I felt the smell of bacon as I rushed down the stairs. It was the best breakfast ever! ”I have never tasted anything like this, how did you make this?” I asked my mom. Because after my father died, most of our food tasted crap.

She told me she had ordered it from a restaurant. That kind of answered my question. While I finished my breakfast, mom went for work.       

Suddenly, I heard barking from our backyard, which was strange. Because, our dog Barky, never barked. After a while the barking stopped, and I heard heavy footsteps moving towards the kitchen. ”Hello, is anybody there?” I shouted furiously. No one answered. I was seized with panic, I felt a slight breeze, this indicated that the backdoor was open. I had a feeling that I was in danger; I threw myself to the floor and heard a loud gunshot behind me. The bullet must have hit my arm, the pain was excruciating; it must have gone through my flesh without hitting the bone, because I could move my arm. I could see pieces of meat on the floor, my arm, which felt terrible, had gone numb. I saw a glimpse of a fist and everything went black.


It seemed like two seconds, but it was closer to two days. I woke up with my head down a toilet, it was stunningly clean, and my hands were bound together like butter on bacon. I managed to get up and out of the toilet. “I must be drugged or something,” I mumbled, the reason I thought so, was that my arm didn’t hurt. My legs could carry me though. I dragged myself down a corridor and went in a door. Ironically it was a radio there, and The Doors were playing. It was a round room with many doors; there was a chair to my left. I looked to my right and I saw a man pointing a gun at me. “Move and I’ll blow your head off!” He whispered. It seemed like he meant it, so I didn’t move. He ordered me to follow him, and so I did. When we got where he wanted us to be, he sat down and told me to make myself comfortable. Not that I understood how I could be comfortable with half my arm blown off, but I did my best. “What you will be told here is absolutely off the record, ok? Well, what I am about to tell you will change your life, you have been under twenty-four hour surveillance the last two months, because you have a secret you don’t know of, you are the son of the President. By the way, my name’s Bond, James Bond” he said. “You are?” I asked. “Nope, not really, but I’ve always wanted to say that. My real name is Orlando. But back to the point, as the son of the President of the United States of America, you have certain duties. And the constitution has been changed, in a way that makes the USA more like a kingdom, this means the son of the President will take over when the other one dies or retires. Within a week the President will announce this. And I’m truly sorry that agent Brosco shot you. He is a little bit to eager sometimes.” When I heard this I almost died of joy. Me, the President, I will become the most powerful man on earth. He told me my training would start tomorrow, and he removed the rope from my wrists. I had to get some sleep. He showed me my new bed, the most beautiful bed imaginable, it was so soft that I almost drowned.


Two years later

After two years as President I had changed most of the United States and the rest of the world. The U.S. military had been set loose on the world, because it was a part of my road to absolute power over the world. The people were suffering in the aftermath, world war three was terrible in every way, but it was necessary. My mother refused to help me on my way. She said I was too much like a powerseeker. A SS (Secret Service) agent rushed towards me, “Sir, we have just received a message from our Special Forces in the northern region of Afghanistan. The government in Afghanistan has managed to hide away nuclear weapons from our forces in over two years; they’re organizing a nuclear attack against the USA. As you remember, we thought that USA gained complete control of all ABC weapons in the first year of your Presidency. What do you recommend us we do?” the Secret Service agent told me. In fact this was actually not a surprise, it was only a matter of time before someone would organize a counter attack on the USA. “Send twenty legions of Navy Seals down there. Keep me informed at all times.” I roared at him. He stormed away and started to give orders. On my way to the office I realized that this could be the start of a new big war, maybe even world war four. I don’t know why, but I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline by this thought. It outraged me so much that I almost nuked them right away; this made me come to a decision. I would nuke them all; I would send every single bomb we possessed.


“I will not take this, I will not tolerate this disobedience from anybody. I have made a decision; I will use nuclear weapons on Afghanistan. Because I will not tolerate any disobedience!” This was my official speech, naturally almost nobody supported me. Even my advisors were against me, they said that I would destroy myself and that Afghanistan would nuke me back. But I only thought about me. I had to satisfy my fury, I didn’t care if this was the end of the world, and I had to do this. I gave the necessary orders, pushed in the code and pushed the button. The nukes were armed and they were on their way to Afghanistan. 


The people in Afghanistan did not survive, the entire population died. It wasn’t until now I realized what I had done, I had killed an entire people. The grief shocked me; I had never felt this feeling before. Grief, the absolute emptiness. I could do nothing but kill myself. I lifted up my forty-four Magnum, put it in my mouth and pulled the trigger.



William Bennett (1983-2020)

President of the world.

This is his final bed.

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