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Walt Disney

Handler om livet til Walt Disney.

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I am going to tell you about Walt Disney a man who has meant a lot for many of you, for me and for millions of other kids around the world. In his lifetime people knew him for being Mickey Mouse' father. Today most people look at Donald Duck as the greatest person he created.


The history starts 5th December 1901 in Chicago, that day was Walter Elias Disney born. A short time after Walt was born the family moved to a farm near Marceline, Missouri.


The father, Elias Disney, was a strict man who gave Walt and his three brothers lots of work. The two oldest brothers went quickly bored of living at a farm and they moved to Kansaas City.


Five years old Walt got his first drawing things and seven years old he sold his first picture for five pence to a neighbour.


When Walt was nine years old his father sold the farm and bought a disturbing central for newspapers in Kansaas City. Walt and Roy, his brother, had to work free for their father. Soon Roy became tired of slaving for his father so then he too moved away.


Walt was very sad about his brother, but he hadn’t much time for grieving. He had a lot of jobs to earn some extra money. He also took lessons in drawing and always when he had some extra time he drew.


Under the First World War Walt Disney went to France to work as a ambulance driver for The Red Cross. When he came home he had decided getting a drawer.


He was employed in two advertising agencies before he started an own film company. It was quickly known that Disney had a big talent in cartoons, but he wasn’t a good businessman so he went bankrupt.


On the other hand his brother Roy was good at business and together started they a new cartoon company. A young girl named Lillian was employed and soon she married Disney.


In 1927 made Disney something great, he produced the first cartoon with sound. It was called “Steamboat Willie” and it was also the first movie Mickey Mouse acted in.


After a huge number of Mickey movies Disney wanted to make something new. He wanted to make a series of short cartoons. Every cartoon was going to have its own star. It was in that series Donald Duck, the three little pigs and a lot of other Disney`s figures was born. In this series was also the first cartoon with colour created it was called “Flowers and Trees”.


In 1934 Disney got the idea about making a full-length cartoon, he became tired of only making short cartoons. Three years later was “Snow White and the seven Dwarfs” finish and it was a big success.

Under The Second World War Disney had to do something useful for not getting bankrupt, so then he made propaganda and instruction movies.


After the war Disney started with cartoons again. But he also made living movies both nature movies and movies with humans.


But then Disney got the idea of making something great and new, an entertainment park. He was dreaming and planning in many years before he began the idea and in 1955 was Disneyland finish. Disneyland became very popular more than even Disney himself had thought. After ten years had the park had over 50 millions visitors, 22 main attraction had become 57 and it was invested 50 millions in it. The continued growing and it still grows.


In 1966 died Walt Disney a man who has made the childhood fun for lots of children and who had success with nearly everything he did. His brother Roy promised to finish all of Walt`s project. Therefor can children around the world still have fun with Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and all the other of Disney figures.

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