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4.50 from Paddington - The Story Continues

Engelsk fortelling om et mord.

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Mrs McGillicuddy was now screaming at the ticket collector. The ticket collector coughed again, and took a good look at the elderly lady. "`Are you absolutely sure what you are telling me is the truth, that you have seen a woman beeing strangled?"


Mrs Mcgillicuddy took a deep breath and looked a bit confused, but then she said: "Yes, I am absolutely sure what I am telling you is the truth, I saw a woman beeing killed approximate two minutes ago. An old lady like me wouldent lie about something as important as this,would I ?"


Suddently the train stopped at the end of the train station, next to the other train were mrs McGillicuddy had seen the murder. "This is my stop, please do something, it`s not every day i see a murder, but I saw it—through  there." She pointed to the window. "

Calm down, I believe you, I really do. Let`s go outside so you can catch some fresh air. Before I can do anything, I must report this to my superior!"


The ticket collector and mrs McGillicuddy started to walk, away from the carriage were she had seen the frightening murder. All that she could think about, was how the murderers hands were around the throat of the woman. And how the womans face turned purple and congested. When they got outside, the ticket collector talked with his superior and they agreed that he and mrs McGillicuddy could search the other train for the possible dead body. 


They had almost searched through the hole train,when they were standing outside the door of  the right carriage. The ticket collector opened the door, and saw a horrible sight. "Oh my god, you were right. There is a woman in here, and she is dead."


One week later, mrs McGillicuddy was back home again in normal circumstances. But she will always remember the time when she took the 4.50 train from Paddington station.

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