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The bear and the elephant

En fabel som handler om en bjørn og en elefant som møter litt motstand.

Karakter: 5/6

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One day, an elephant and a bear were out for a walk in the mountains. Suddenly, the bear started to brag:

”I could not hurt a fly. And I’d do anything to save animals.”


He was very proud of what he said, but when he saw a lion trying to kill a deer, he reacted.

“Help, help…,” the deer yelled.

“My leg is hurting,” the bear lied, “and I can’t run as fast as I did before!”

“We both know that you are well and that your leg is not hurting!” the elephant replied.

In the meantime, the deer was touching death. The confused elephant ran towards the deer and scared the lion away. The elephant brought the deer home to himself and cleaned his wound.


The remaining bear, on the other hand, just stood at the same spot as always. He was ashamed. After a while just standing there, he could hear some noises. The next thing he knew, he was shot by some hunters. The elephant, which was helping the deer, came back to take a settlement with the bear, but when he saw the hunters, he just tried to help the hurt bear. When the bear was back on his feet again, the deer came back to thank the nice elephant for saving his life.


The bear just stood there and felt stupid.

“I’m really sorry that I did not help you, you know…”

No one answered the bear and the quietness was taking its place. But then, when no one had said anything for a long while, the stillness was interrupted by the elephant’s voice:

“No matter how sorry you are, you did not help the deer. And if you had the opportunity to do it all over again, I do not think you would have changed what you did. So stop bragging about you skills to save animals!”


“Well done is better than well said”

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