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Personlig tekst om musikksjangeren trance.

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Not a single day goes by without me listening to music. I love music. I can listen to all sorts of music (except country). I think my interest for music comes from my father. All my life I’ve heard my father play the piano and listen to his stereo.


Every day I listen to music. It really relaxes me (or it gets me hyped up). Mostly, I listen to trance (which is short for Technical Research in Acoustic Neural Consciousness Enhancement), heavy-metal or classical.. or a mix between all these genres. I listen to music while I study, read, eat, even sleep. Some of my favourite artists are Gigi D’Agostino, DJ Tiesto, Caater, The Prodigy and Rammstein. These are only a few.


Music is very important in my life. Music helps me through the day and it gets me in a good mood. I like to listen to music quite loud, with a deep bass, but this can I only do when there’s no one at home, because my parents doesn’t like the music I listen to. My father claims that he think it’s OK, but he says that he gets tired of it after a short period of time.


I don’t like it when people say that trance (or techno, as they roughly put it) is a simple and cheap style. They think that it’s as easy as stealing candy from a baby, to make trance music. Well. They are sort of right, because it can be awfully easy to make techno with the right software, but the results are never quite good. To make good trance, you need to have the right equipment (eg. hardware, software). To make a real good trance album often takes much longer time than an ”ordinary” album. I don’t care, actually. I just can’t wait to get home to pump up the bass.

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