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Fucking Åmål

Beskrivelse av hovedrollene og sammendrag av filmen.

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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What Is The Movie About…?


This movie is about five teenagers who are curios about their life, feelings, what they are and what they want in their lives.

It describes how it is to be in love, how nice it can be and how painful it can be if the one you love doesn’t return you’re feelings. It describes a teenagers life.




Elin: Elin is only 14 years old and she has been with over 70,000 boys, she still thinks her life is boring, and she tries to do something different. Jessica is her sister and they are girls some of the school’s most popular girls. Elin is very beautiful and as you probably see, very attractive when it comes to boys.



Jessica: Jessica is 16 years old, and she has a boyfriend, name Marcus. She is beautiful, popular, Elin’s older sister. Jessica thinks Elin is very immature and spoiled.



Marcus: Marcus is 17 years old and Jessica’s boyfriend. He thinks he is the coolest person in Åmål. His best friend is Johan. Marcus is cute and medium popular at school.



Johan: Johan is 17 years old, and he has a big crush on Elin, even if she’s only 14 years old. Johan isn’t the luckiest when it comes to love. He has a moped and he is always wearing a white Nike cap. Plus that he isn’t so popular at school. Reduces this his chances on Elin…?



Agnes: Agnes is 16 years old and doesn’t have any friends, even if she and her family have lived in Åmål for 2 years now. The only one she hangs around whit is a girl in wheelchair. Agnes is a vegetarian, special fine and she is also in love whit Elin, but hasn’t faith enough to tell her, yet…(?)                                                                                                                                                                     




Fucking Åmål is starting whit that Elin and Jessica are fighting over the O’boy, they are always arguing over something.

Johan is outside the block; he has a big crush on Elin. He is standing whit his moped and he asks Elin if she wants a drive, but Elin doesn’t like Johan at all so she says she just wants to go.

At school, Elin is complaining over her life, everything is so boring. She wants to do something different, like a rave or something…?

Her friends just think she is whining too much. 


Agnes is sitting and listening about what they are talking about. She has birthday the next day and her mum wants her to have a party at home, 16 years old!!!

But her mum doesn’t know how Agnes feels. Agnes has a rumour that she is a lesbian and people are bulling at her for this. 


Next day when Elin and Jessica are fixing up to go to Chris’s party, they get grounded because Elin forgets to take her pants on, when they are looking at their self in the mirror out in the elevator.

They get pissed off and run away when their mum has left the building.

Jessica wants to go over to Chris’s place, but Elin is sick and tired of doing the usual things, and she had heard that Agnes had a party. Jessica disagreed, but finds it ok if Elin promised not to be long.

At Agnes’s party was there only one person, Agnes her self.

“Anne Bjørg”, in the wheelchair, had been thrown out because she gave Agnes a Date perfume, whit Robin on.


When they came to Agnes house, had they agreed about a bet; Elin should kiss Agnes on the mouth, for 20 se. kr.

Elin kissed her and ran away, but felt sorry for her after on. They had found a special contact when they did it(!).

Elin gets confused, what does she really want…? She thinks she wants to get to know her better. 


Jessica tells her friends what Elin did, and they get very giddy so they call Agnes and fuck whit her. Agnes gets hurt and tries to kill herself with a razor blade.

But she didn’t do it after all; her father came in whit some tea.


After this episode, Elin and Agnes met each other, but Elin didn’t know what she wanted. At last she and Johan start dateing.

Elin isn’t in love with Johan, but she can’t take this “heartaches” anymore.

Johan and Elin’s relationship don’t last for a long time, cause Elin longs to Agnes!


The next school day came and Elin couldn’t keep it for her self any more, so she drags Agnes with her in to the WC and tells her the truth about what she is feeling for Agnes.

Agnes tells Elin that she also is in love with her.

Some of Elin’s friends came and knocked on the toilet door, they think Elin has a boy with her inside, so they get very exited about who she has with her.   


Agnes and Elin have a long confiscation, and find out that they want to get to know each other better, by being girlfriends!

Everyone were totally speechless, when Elin came out of the WC and said: ”det her er min nya filckvenn, nu skal vi gå å knulla!!!”

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