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Film review: "The Pelican Brief"

Engelsk omtale av filmen "The Pelican Brief".

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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The movie starts out with two judges gets killed for no reason. A law student, Darby Shaw takes a “stab in the dark” in a law brief she wrote. The brief explains why the two members were killed. She works with the brief for hours, but she decides, after she finished it, it was a waste of time. She threw it away, but her law teacher (also her boyfriend), picks it up and realized she’s on to something. Then Thomas gave it to his friend in the FBI, which gave it to the FBI Director that gave it to the President of the United States himself. As it turns out, she blames someone that could ruin the President. The man she blames, as well as some men from the President, decided to kill everybody outside the government, which had read the brief.


Thomas died in a car bomb explosion, after they have been out and eaten some food on a restaurant. Then she contacts Verheek. Then he got shot in his hotel room. Then she met Gray Grantham, a reporter from the Washington Post. She found out that he was the only person she could trust. They worked together to write the story that should expose the President and his crew. But before they could publish the story, they had to confirm that it was true. So they both had to run around looking for witnesses, sources, ect.., at the same time as she was being chased.  Gray and his co-workers were protecting her until their story got released. She told the whole story behind the murders and tied it to the President. The FBI and the CIA helped her to gain a new identity and leave the country. Gray followed her a little while later and they lived happily after.


This was a very heavy, but an exiting story in my opinion. If you’re going to watch the movie without text, it can be a bit difficult to understand what they’re saying. I would recommend this film for teenagers, (at least 14) and they should be very strong in English to understand what they’re saying, and of course the whole point.

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