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"Lamb To The Slaughter" (R. Dahl)

Sammendrag av Roald Dahls "Lamb To The Slaughter".

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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This story is about a woman named Mary Maloney, and her husband Patrick Maloney.

One day Mary sat and waited for Patrick in a warm and clean room. Patrick was an police offiser. On the sideboard behind her, it stood two tall glasses, some soda water, and some whisky.

Now and again she glanced up at the clock whit the thought that each minute gone by made it nearer the time when he would come home. She looked forward to the dinner this day, because they might going out. They sat and talked to each other... Mary asked him about when they goes, or if he would like to have some food at home.


He said he wouldn’t have any food at all. Mary said he had to eat, but he still wouldn’t eat. Mary offered him a lamb chops or pork, but without response. A little beat later Patrick said he had something to tell her...he said he was afraid for something. but in the story it doesn’t stand any more than that. Mary said she would make some food, and went to the basement and took up a big leg of lamb. When she came up again, Patrick stood and looked out the window. At that point, Mary Maloney simply walked up behind him and without any pause she swung the big frozen leg of lamb high in the air and brought it down as hard as she could on the back of his head. He died. Mary didn’t know what to do, but she thought to herself that it was all right.


Mary prepared the meat and sat it in the oven. She washed her hands, and ran up to the bedroom for put on some makeup. She ran out to the street an walked down to the slaughter Sam. She bought some potatoes and a tin of peas. She trued to look neutral. When she came home, she pretending like Patrick have died when she was at sam’s place, so she knelt down and pretending like she cry. A few minutes later she called the police, and told them that Patrick was dead. The cops came, and started the case. Mary offered them some food. They asked what, and she said a leg of lamb. The said yes, and without thinking, they eat the lamb. A beat later they thought,. And they found out about the leg of lamb, and that Mary had killed her husband.


As you are seeing, the thing Patrick told mary, not have been wroted. The ting didn’t stand in the stoyry, but we can olways guess what Patrick told his wife. And it seems to be that he has found himself another girl, leaving her. This hits her with such strength that something in her grows and matures. She can therefor easily kill her husband without feeling any regret or sorrow. The loving house wife we first knew so very well now has changed.  


About the caracters

The main characters in this story are the Maloney couple, known as Mary and Patrick Maloney. She can be recognized as the typical housewife, she’s intelligent, bright, has a clean and well organized home, loves her husband over everything on earth. Patrick is a police officer, a senior. Obviously he’s been a police officer for a long time, and therefor has affected their daily life with a sense of regularity. They usually go out to eat on Thursdays.



Its a nice home. Its clean and warm inside. They have a big garden, with many trees and flowers. They are a normally family, before Mary kills Patrick.

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