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Enough is enough

Om vold.


How much have we not seen? How much have we not endured? How much have we not tolerated? We can not help asking us these same questions again and again, as we read the newspapers and watch the evening news on the television. There is almost not a single day that we do not read about the violence that is raging in our cities. Teenagers, adults and the elderly are stricken by this medieval phenomenon, which has no place whatsoever in our modern society. There may be those who might say that the violence is a product of our modern society, but that is not the same as to say that it belongs. Violence belongs nowhere, but in primitive tribes.


Violence, and by violence I mean violence which is committed by gangs of teenagers, must be set an end to! They have almost set it as a higher religious goal to do as much harm, robbing, mugging, extortion and blind violence - for just the fun of it! What is really shocking, is that many of these teenagers who commit this violence and crime are under the criminal minimum age. So jail is not an option for them, and they cannot be punished. In some cases their parents, or guardians, may be sentenced a fine - but that is all. You should think that confronting their parents would help, but the truth is that these hard-boiled criminals could not care less. The only thing that matters for them is their gang, and how to get respect from others. Respect that they get by threats, which in reality is fear and not respect. Respect is something you get by deserving it, fear is something you get when you threaten or scare others. Fear is easily given, but respect comes harder. Besides, fear is more easily defeated than respect.


One thing that is sad, but nonetheless true, is the fact that minority groups like Yugoslavians, Pakistanis and Africans are largely overrepresented in violence/crime committed by teenagers. You might then ask yourself if it is strange, that there is more and more racism in today’s society towards these groups. They have to learn good manners, and they might as well start at once. They have nothing to lose, only to gain.


Do they not know that they are ruining for their parents, grandparents and future descendants? Their parents who came to this country some decades ago searching for an honest job, and earned respect the hard way. Their future children who will have to live in a violent and racist community, just because of the things their parents did when they were younger. Is it not obvious? What might the reason be, because if it is not obvious please tell me! If it is only that they do not understand, then please tell them - make them understand! We have not got more time to lose. The grip is getting tighter each time a boy or girl gets mugged for their pocket money, threatened, degraded or simply beat up. You must not sleep, our city is burning.


I think the best way to get the people, who are committing the violence and crime, to stop and instead give something good back to the society, is by letting them help themselves. By this I mean to let them realise for themselves what a hell they are making for other people. You will have to get inside them, and help them with the very fundamentals. You have to figure out where it went wrong, and help them to follow the right way. The way which is the best for both them and the rest of the society. Only then, and only then, you might be able to find out where the problems lie, and on a larger scale eliminate the youth crime and violence. The youth crime, which seems to grow beyond all common sense. Let us only stop this type of crime and violence to become common sense.

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