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Across the barricades

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)

The story takes place in Northern Ireland. It’s about Kevin, a Catholic boy, and Sadie, a Protestant girl. They aren’t suppose to meet one another since they have different religions, but they don’t care what other’s say. So they keep seeing each other anyway. This gives them a lot of problems, which some of them I’m going to tell you about now.


It all starts when they meet each other on the buss stop. They haven’t seen each other in a long time, so they decide to have a little chat on a little coffee shop nearby. After a while they decide to take a trip up to Cave Hill. They stay there for a long time. While they are up there Sadie’s parents finds out that she is meeting a Catholic boy. They do not approve to this.


They keep meeting each other. More and more. After a while some "friends" of Kevin finds out. Then don’t like this. One day when Kevin’s walking home from a meeting with Sadie, three guys attack him. He is badly injured. The day after, he is suppose to meet Sadie. He can barely walk, but he goes to meet her anyway. Meanwhile Brede, Kevins sister, went to see Sadie. She tries to talk her into stop seeing Kevin. But after a while she decides to go meet him anyway.


The same night, they meet Mr. Blake. He is a nice old man and he takes them home to him self. They stay there the rest of that evening. Mr. Blake drives them home later in the evening. Now they decides too start meeting each other in secrecy. Mr. Blake offers them to come to him. And so they do. When Mr. Blake finds out that Sadie has lost her job, he offers her to come working for him. And so she does. A week later, Kevin, Sadie and Mr. Blake are going on a picnic. On the way out to the country side one of the wheels falls of, and the car crashes. Luckily nobody gets hurt. The police finds out that all of the wheels had been loosen.


A week or two later, Mr. Blakes house is blown up with Mr. Blake inside. After this, Kevin decides to go to England. He can’t take it anymore. While he is standing on the dock waiting for the ferry, Sadie comes along. She tells him that she has decided to come a long. And that’s were our meeting with Sadie and Kevin ends for now.




Sadie is a Protestant girl. She is the kind of person who cares about other people. She is a very nice girl and she hates violence. She always does whatever falls to her mind. She doesn’t care what other people mean, and she would never let anybody tell her what to do. She likes danger and excitement. In this story she is one of the two main characters. She functions as an anti violent persons as opposed to the other characters in this story. While she tries to solve things without using violence, everybody else uses violence to solve their problems.




The theme of this text is probably that violence don’t solve anything. It only leads to more violence. When one person hits another one, he just goes hitting him right back. And it just goes spreading around like fire in dry grass. It’s probably also about how the situation is in Northern Ireland. To try to make us understand how hard it is living there.




The story gives a good picture about how it is living in Northern Ireland. It really makes me understand how tough it is growing up in a place where you newer can feel safe. It also is a very good story. I really enjoyed reading it. It is very exciting to read about Kevin and Sadie. You never now what is going to happen next. Is a bomb going to go off? Will they stop seeing each other?


The big hero in the story is Mr. Blake. He comes and saves them from stooping seeing each other. If it hadn’t been for him, the story probably would have had a very different outcome. He gives the story a special feeling. It almost make you cry when he dies. The big villain in the story is Brian Rafferty. How he makes Kevin and Sadies life much harder then it already is. When he hides the gun and make Kevin get the blame you just want to beat him up. And when Kevin does it, you get a feeling of satisfaction.


The way the characters are expanded really makes you believe in them. You take part in the story. It’s like you are in another time and place when you are reading. Like you are Kevin or Sadie. Like I wrote about Brian and Mr. Blake, you see that I really believe in them. I can only say one thing more. If you haven’t already read the book. You should start now.

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