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Across the barricades

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)

The story takes place in Northern Ireland. It’s about Kevin, a Catholic boy, and Sadie, a Protestant girl. They aren’t suppose to meet one another since they have different religions, but they don’t care what other’s say. So they keep seeing each other anyway. This gives them a lot of problems, which some of them I’m going to tell you about now.


It all starts when they meet each other on the buss stop. They haven’t seen each other in a long time, so they decide to have a little chat on a little coffee shop nearby. After a while they decide to take a trip up to Cave Hill. They stay there for a long time. While they are up there Sadie’s parents finds out that she is meeting a Catholic boy. They do not approve to this.


They keep meeting each other. More and more. After a while some "friends" of Kevin finds out. Then don’t like this. One day when Kevin’s walking home from a meeting with Sadie, three guys attack him. He is badly injured. The day after, he is suppose to meet Sadie. He can barely walk, but he goes to meet her anyway. Meanwhile Brede, Kevins sister, went to see Sadie. She tries to talk her into stop seeing Kevin. But after a while she decides to go meet him anyway.

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