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Tales of childhood by Roald Dahl

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Once opon a time a little boy was borned named Roald. No one knew that this boy later would become a world-famous author. Before he grew up he experienced a lot of remarkable things which has played great parts in his life, making him what he is today.


There is the story about the motor car ride where he nearly lost his nose, and the visit to the doctor, who cut out the whole of the middle of his head. Not to forget the great story about "the Golden Mouse Plot". These are some of the many funny, and sometimes unpleasant stories in the book called "Boy" by Roald Dahl. The book is tight-packed with true, vivid descriptions from his childhood, and it’s a pleasure to read as it’s both exiting and funny. The book starts with Roald giving an insight into his life during his adolescene. We are first presented for his parents. His father, Harald Dahl, from Sarpsborg in Norway, got two kids with his first wife Marie, from France. Unfortunately she tragically died after giving birth to their second child. Harald then went to find his new wife, Sofie Hesselberg, in Norway,

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