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Meget god engelsk stil om dinosaurer.


"Gerald! What’s taking so long?" Sarah was getting inpatient, she had been waiting for almost half an hour for her friend. "Hold your horses! I’m coming!" Gerald came walking down the stairs while he adjusted his tie, "why are you in such a hurry?" Sarah looked at him, "why I’m in a hurry? We’re going to a meeting with a world famous palaeontologist and we are already five minutes to late. And you ask why I’m in a hurry?" Sarah shook her head, "let’s go!" Fifteen minutes later they arrived at the restaurant where they were going to meet the man that would change their lives. "It’s an honour to meet you Mr. Thornthon." Gerald shook hands with the older man by the table, "I’ve read a lot about you. And I’m very fascinated by your theory on how the T-Rex take care of their babies." "Well thank you. I’ve heard some impressive things about you to Mr. Smith. And please, call me Bill." "And you can call me Gerald." Sarah put out her hand, "nice to see you again… Bill." She smiled and sat down at the table. "Well," Mr. Thornthon took a sip of his drink, "I’m sure you are quires on why I’ve summoned you here today. Well, I’ll tell you, later. Now, let’s enjoy a good meal, on my company’s bill." He let out a little laugh and waved at one of the waiters, they ordered, and started talking about different theory’s concerning dinosaurs. Suddenly a young man walked up to their table. "Ah! Here he is." Mr. Thornthon pulled out a chair for the young man to sit in. "This, is Mr. Williams, he is going on an expedition with me soon." Mr. Thornthon waited till Sarah and Gerald had introduced themselves. "And I were hoping you would to." Mr. Thornthon looked at Sarah and Gerald. "Us?" Sarah looked surprised, "are you asking us to go on an expedition with you?" Mr. Thornthon nodded his head. "Of course we will, I can’t believe you even asked." "Well…" Mr. Thornthon hesitated a little bit. "I’m not sure you are going to be so certain about your decision when you know what kind of expedition it is."


Sarah was stunned, she didn’t know what to say or do. What she had heard at the meeting with Mr. Thornthon was incredible. Someone in the African rainforest had photographed a living brontosaurus, she had thought the photograph was a fake at first. But Mr. Thornthon had got it checked at ten different places, including the FBI, and they all said that it had to be true. She had been invited to join Mr. Thornthon in an expedition in to the African rainforest to look for the brontosaurus. She were going to accept,and so were Gerald, they couldn’t let this chance pass. If the photograph was true, then they could be the first to observe a living dinosaur untouched by man. It was an incredible chance, but it could also be dangerous, but she couldn’t let this chance pass, not in a million years.


"Sarah! Come here! I have to show you something!" Gerald shouted from the other side of the room. They were at the warehouse where they were getting ready to leave for the African rainforest. Sarah walked over to Gerald, "what did you want to show me?" "Look at this." Gerald pointed at the map in front of him, "you see this area?" Sarah nodded, "what about it?" "Well," Gerald replied, "that’s where we’re going. And you see those lines around that area? That means that it is an unexplored area. That again means that we are going to be the first ones, except the natives, to explore this area." "What’s your point?" Sarah looked at him. "My point? My point is that it is exiting. Imagine what we can find in there, new animal species, new plants, maybe even a dinosaur or two." Sarah smiled, "I see your point… It’s exciting right?" Mr. Thornthon and Mr. Williams suddenly interrupted the conversation. "Well, here is my two newest companions. Are you ready for some adventures?" Mr. Thornthon looked at them with a smile, "sure Mr. Thornthon." Sarah politely answered. "I told you to call me Bill didn’t I?" Mr. Thornthon looked at Sarah, "sorry. I’ll try to remember it the next time." Mr. Thornthon smiled and excused himself, he had to go check some of the equipment they were bringing on the expedition. "So, what are you guys doing?" "Nothing much Mr. Williams." Sarah looked at him, he is a young man, she thought, maybe twenty-two - twenty-three. " Please call me Phil. I’m not really into those formal names." "Great! And you can call me Sarah." "And you can call me Gerald." Phil looked at him, "Gerald? That sounds like a butler. I’ll call you G. It sounds better." Gerald laughed, "sure. What ever makes you happy."


They arrived at Stanleyville airport in Stanlyeville in Zaire, the native name for the city was Kisangani. They had borrowed a Hercules aeroplane from the US military. From Stanleyville they continued in one jeep and a trailer that was going to be their base when they reached the Congo’s. After a long drive they arrived at the edge of the gigantic unexplored rainforest. They took a brake to go over their equipment one last time and talk to the natives, then they started the journey into the jungle. The natives told them the best way to get as far as possible in to the jungle by car, they had also talked to the man that had taken the picture of the brontosaurus. He had marked the spot where he encountered the dinosaur on Mr. Thornthon’s map. It was far into the jungle and they wouldn’t be able to get there in one day.


They stopped when it started to get dark, they had been driving for two hours and they had got much further then they had expected. They parked the jeep by the trailer and went to bed.


Sarah sat up in bed, what was that? She listened carefully, there it was again, someone was knocking on the door. How could that be? The others were still asleep and they were in the middle of nowhere. Sarah got up of bed and pulled on some jeans and a skirt, then she went to open the door. "Yikes!" Sarah jumped back and slammed the door shut. Gerald and the others stormed to the door to see what it was. "What’s wrong?" Phil looked at her. "A, a, a, comp… comp…" Sarah couldn’t speak. "Relax," Gerald sat down besides her, "what is wrong?" Sarah took a deep breath, "it was a Compsognathus!" Mr. Thornthon jumped over Sarah and ran out the door. "Where is it?!" The others ran after him. "What’s a compso-something?" Phil looked at Gerald. "It’s a small dinosaur, meat eating. It lived several million years ago. It is of the size of a chicken and it hunted in packs on 15 to 20, mainly on small dinosaur babies." Phil looked at Gerald. "So your saying…" Phil didn’t know what to do, "that she saw a 100 million years old, meat eating chicken?" "Without feathers." Gerald added. "Wow! Cool!" Phil ran after the others. "Where is it?" "We’re not sure. But get in the jeep, I think I saw it run towards that hill over there." Sarah ran to the jeep and got in, Mr. Thornthon was behind the wheel. As soon as everybody had got in the jeep, he started driving.


The car pulled over, Sarah got out, what was that? They had followed the Compsognathus, or the chicken as Phil called it, for fifteen minutes. They had crossed swamp, gone over a big hill, and now they were standing at the edge of a cliff. About fifty meters below them they saw something strange, it looked like a storm, but it was only covering a small area and it was just three to four meters tall. "Let’s go down and see what that is!" Sarah climbed back in the car. Mr. Thornthon headed for the hill down to the little canyon below.


They arrived at the bottom of the canyon five minutes later, they had lost sight of the "chicken" when they stopped at the top, but Sarah had got the whole thing on videotape. They stopped a few meters from, what they only could explain as a storm, and got out of the car. "I’m going in to see what it is." Phil started walking against it. "No! Stop!" Sarah grabbed him in the arm. "We don’t know what that is. It could be dangerous." "Sarah’s right." Gerald looked at Phil, "it could be dangerous. That’s why I brought this." Gerald went back to the jeep and pulled out a little suitcase. "What’s that?" Mr. Thornthon looked at Gerald. "It’s a miniature robot with a camera and a screen that shows what the robot ’sees’." "Good thinking G! But how do we control it?" Phil looked at Gerald. "I have a remote control here to." Gerald smiled. He took the robot out of the suitcase and turned it on. It made some funny noises and then it was ready, he took out the remote control, and then the robot was on its way. It looked like a big spider that had a camera on its head and wheels on its feet. Gerald explained that the reason for the eight feet was that it would have more balance then if it just had two. The robot entered the ’storm’, suddenly the screen that Gerald and the others were looking at, went black. "Wow! What happened?" Phil looked at Gerald. "I don’t know… Maybe it can’t transmit its signals through there." "Or maybe it was destroyed by something." Sarah added melodramatic. "Wait! I’m getting something." Gerald had turned his attention back to the screen. "The robot seems to be stuck in some bushes. I’ll try to get it out." They all looked at the screen, they saw the robot struggling to get out of the bushes, and it succeeded. The next thing that faced them was an incredible sight. A gigantic brontosaurus was standing about ten meters in front of the robot, everybody stopped breathing. Sarah was the first to come to herself, "this is amazing! That ’storm’, has to be a gateway to another dimension or something like that!" Phil looked at her. "So, what your saying is that this thing in front of us will bring us in to the world of dinosaurs?" They all looked at the gateway, "I think so." Sarah whispered. "Well, what are we waiting for people? Let’s go!" Phil jumped into the car, the others followed his example. "How do we know that this isn’t dangerous?" Mr. Thornthon looked at the others. "Oh, come on Bill. Let’s live a little bit dangerous for once." Phil turned the key to the car and the motor started. They headed for the centre of the storm.


"I still can’t believe that this is actually happening." Sarah looked at Mr. Thornthon. "Well, it is." He smiled back at her. "Sarah! Over here!" Phil was standing at the edge of a clip looking down. "What is this animal?" Sarah ran over to him and looked down. As soon as she saw what it was she took a couple of steps backwards. "That is a tribe of velociraptors. And we should be glad that they are a hundred meters below us. The velociraptors was one of the most dangerous dinosaurs there was. They are some of the most successive hunters that ever lived. None of the animals in our days, or in our world, can compete with the velociraptors. They hunt in packs on 6 to 7 animals, and they kill over 90 percent of their preys." "Wow. That’s pretty impressive." Sarah nodded. Suddenly she heard a loud scream over her head. She looked up and saw a gigantic pre-historic bird diving towards her. She screamed out in panic, and then everything went black.


"Sarah!!!" Gerald screamed out when he saw the gigantic creature pick up Sarah and head for the mountain nearby. "What the hell was that?" Phil had thrown himself away from the creature in the last second. "That was a pteranodon. A meat eating pre-historic bird." "A hell-bird is what I would call it." Phil looked at the pteranodon as it got smaller and smaller. "We have to follow it! We can’t let it take Sarah." Just as Phil said that, he saw the Pteranodon drop Sarah. "Shit! It dropped her!" Phil ran to the car and started it. "Let’s go people! We don’t have all day!" Gerald and Mr. Thornthon jumped in the car and Phil gave it full gas.


"Over there!" Gerald pointed at some bushes. They jumped out of the jeep and ran towards Sarah. "Get the first aid kit!" Gerald yelled to Phil. Gerald was the first to reach Sarah, he could see that she had bruises and cuts over most of her body. "Sarah! Can you hear me?" Gerald shook her. Suddenly she woke up. "Where am I?" She looked around. "You were dropped by the pteranodon, but forget about that. We’re going to get out of here now." Phil looked at Sarah, "is anything broken?" "No, I don’t think so. I guess I was lucky." Sarah got up from the bushes. "Sit down here on this rock so that I can take care of your wounds." Mr. Thornthon took the first aid kit from Phil and opened it. Sarah sat down on a big rock and brushed some sand of her pants. Mr. Thornthon started to clean her cuts so that she wouldn’t get an infection.


When Mr. Thornthon was done cleaning Sarah’s wounds, he closed the first aid kit and turned to the car. "Don’t move a muscle." Mr. Thornthon whispered to the others, they listened to the order. They knew that it could be dangerous not to listen when they got an order from the others. "Turn around slowly, one at the time. And nobody panic." Mr. Thornthon whispered. They all turned around, and the sight that faced them scared every one of them. Five velociraptors were standing around the jeep wondering what it was. "What do we do? Has anybody got a weapon?" Phil looked around. "I have a rifle, in the car." Gerald cursed himself for not taking the rifle with him out of the jeep. Suddenly one of the velociraptors jumped up in the car, it walked around in the backseat, and suddenly there was a loud bang and the velociraptor screamed and fell out of the jeep. Sarah and the others used the confusion to the velociraptors to jump behind some bushes and hide. They could see that the velociraptor was injured in its right foot. The other velociraptors walked away from the jeep in fear, the injured kept screaming. Suddenly Sarah and the others could feel the ground shaking, and then a big Tyrannosaurus-Rex came out of the jungle. It walked right over to the injured velociraptor and picked it up with its gigantic jaws and teeth. It threw the velociraptor twenty meters through the air, walked over to it and pulled it to pieces with its mouth. "Come on! This is our chance to get out of here!" Gerald yelled out and ran towards the jeep, the others were right behind him. They jumped in the jeep and Gerald put the pedal to the floor and drove away from the T-Rex. "That was close!" Phil breathed relived out. "Well, we’re not safe yet!" Gerald had noticed two velociraptors standing about a hundred meters in front of them. He looked in the mirror and saw that two more were chasing them. He gave more gas and hoped for the best. "Everybody duck!" Gerald screamed out just before he hit one of the velociraptors. The velociraptor hit the hood of the car, flew into the window and broke it, and then flew a couple of meters through the air and rolled into some bushes. Gerald avoided the other velociraptor and headed for the exit to go back to their own dimension.

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