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A incredible holliday

Om ferie.


The oldest of my two friends had just got his driving license and was willing to drive almost anywhere. Eager to drive we got the idea of going to Italy by car, and within the following week the idea was put into action. We prepared only the most necessary equipment, a map and alot of money. In case of strike, we decided to drive through Sweden instead of taking the boat to Denmark.


A dark and rainy monday we began our search for the promised land. The car, owned by my friend, had more horsepowers than an average aeroplane, something we soon noticed. Some blinking blue lights in the rear mirror and a horrible sound called a siren indicated that our vacation was going down the toilet. After a short dicussion in the car, we concluded that we could not afford a speeding ticket. The only solution was to increase the speed, and hopefully get away from the policecar behind us. Half an hour later, my friend had shaken them off. It was only about 10 miles to go until we reached the boundary line, and then we would be safe and everything would be allright.


We were quite tired when we reached the Swedish border, and did not notice the great amount of policecars lined up to form a roadblock. The policemen in the car that had been following us earlier had been smart enough to inform the rest of the Norwegian policeforce of our escape, and now we were heading straight into it.


After the incident we spent some time in the hospital, then we spent some time in jail and finally we spent alot of money paying for the three policecars we wrecked. Not wery fun, but atleast it was an incredible holiday to tell the grandchildren about.

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