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Island of terror!

Kort og grei "skummel" 10.klasse-stil.


We where approaching "Island of terror", when we saw a really big and heavy wave. I must have been about ten metres high, and we where not able to see the end of it diagonally. "An island that protected itself against intruders", was my first realistic thought. The thought doesn’t sound very realistic, but I’ve seen so many extraordinary things in my life, for not to talk about all those stories I’ve heard from skippers from all sorts of boats and also big ships. I needed to get in to the shore of this island, to check it out. Maybe I would find some treasures too.


The shore was covered with dead trees, and dark grey and slime green rocks. The whole place looked dead as a fortune cookie. Which reminds me; I ate one of those funny little cookies this morning, and my fortune was just a blank peace of recycled paper. Was it a coincidence or plain facts. "Coincidence", I said to my self, as I where cutting my way through a dead jungle. Or, it wasn’t completely dead. A water spring and a peace of green forest was placed within our range, so we decided to go further in hope to find what we really were looking for; humanity and civilisation.


I forced myself through the dark and lifeless jungle. Tonight’s shining full - moon didn’t get the chance to light up this part of mother earth. Scared because of this evenings unnatural coldness and smell of decease and dead, I walked away from the rest of the group. I had discovered en entrance to a cave. Or maybe it was a ruined temple, or a pyramid. I yelled for the rest of the group, and they came at once. My terrible scream must have scared them, because they stood there as dead bodies. Maybe they where. Maybe it just was the light. I couldn’t say that for sure, but they gathered around the entrance to this mystical cave. "Let’s take a look at what we’ve got in here", I said with power in my voice. Inside where torches upon the walls.


We opened a thick stone-door at the end of the hall. Right in front of our eyes stood a man carrying a pentagram around his neck. Bloody and dirty capes hang on the walls. These where a symbol of death I think. "Yuck". People where fighting at a battlearena. The battle, which seemed to be against two races living on the island, rage across time and space, often infringing upon the very fabric of reality itself. These violent battles between the two races on the island seemed to have occurred often, but where seldom witnessed by the prying eyes of men. But our expedition turned up side down on these habits. We saw it all. This couldn’t continue. As we ran out to the approaching sunset, we jumped over shackled, chained and half buried bodies. Something weird had happened with my closest friend Albert. He had this evil and terrorised smile in his face. He used to be such a gentle guy. The sky carried a grey carpet of clouds. We jumped into our boat, but Albert remained. He smiled to himself in the sheltering darkness, just as he knew that the time of his final victory was fast approaching. We had to leave him there. He was probably affected by the environments of this nature


Our expedition had to continue, and we soon reached another island. It was covered with lovely, green bushes and we where sure that this island had even more humans on it than the last one. The air was soft and smelled nature. Fresh water dripped down from trees above our confused heads. We where confused because it wasn’t humans on this beautiful island at all. It was even more on the last island we had visited. This totally illuminated the reality, and we began to research the ground. It was upon closer inspection that the trampled mud was found to be more illusion. Maybe the fresh water wasn’t so fresh after all. Maybe the green rosebushes where just full of thorns and no red, yellow or pink flowers. This island was fake. It was as lifeless as a dead volcano. This whole story tells us that things aren’t always as they occurs. The totally lifeless island, had many people on it, fighting for their rights. The much more vigorous island, which was just an illusion, had no natives.


The same thing is about people. Albert got evil at his stay on the island and thought he could get the rest of the crew evil too.

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