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Hva er typisk for britene?

Besvarelse fra tentamen i engelsk som handler om hva som er typisk for britene.

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When I think of what make British British, I will say that the enormous football culture is my first thought. The British football culture is well known all over the world. But the British society has more to it, then just football. We all know that football is the very hart of Britain, and England generally. But how shaped England to have we know it today? How brought with them the fine architecture and the good and exotic food. Many believe that the Romans that invaded England shaped and made Britain as how we know it today.


The Romans had a fine taste of architecture, and they built gorgeous buildings with many details and the buildings has a different class then other buildings, if you walk throw the streets of Britain you will notice that Britain have their own stile of building the houses. Building fine houses wasn’t the only thing that Romans left behind, the good and exotic food also influenced Britain. The Romans liked things that had an exotic taste and good quality. So the exotic food habits that Britain has these days are influenced by the roman culture.


The most typical things about Britain are the football culture, the pubs and I will also say classy. Because the British society have their own stile, they have a way of making things fit together, if you what I mean. You can tell from have they behave, how their humor is, the way that they talk and how they like thing classy. Every bit of Britain is classy. People in Britain are very socialized, and so maybe is it their fore they have so many public meeting places. England is well known fore their many pubs. The pubs are a meeting place fore most people. People go there when they want to discus things, have a drink or watch football. The pubs activities are pool dart and watch TV. In England it is pubs every where. You can say if it stands four houses or blocks together you always find a pub near by. The pubs have historical names, like “Pub Diana” and “the George”. The drinks that are being served at pubs are beer and a black beer called Guinnesses, this beer is from Ireland, this beer are very popular in Britain, fore it’s looks and taste. The ages of getting into a pub are 14 but you half to be 18 to buy beer. The pubs also have food to eat, but it is a pub and not a restaurant so the food you get are not exotic food, but just a light meal, many pubs serve a plate called the ploughman’s lunch the lunch plate you get have cold meat and different cheese kinds on the side, so it is just a light meal.


It is many pubs kinds in Britain, like football pubs, this is where supporters go to cheer fore there team. Like I mention earlier in the text British football is known world wide. So many supporter clubs have their own pub to go to, when they don’t get tickets fore the match. Football in Britain is not just fun, it can be quite dangerous if the hooligans are there. Hooligans are people that support their team to the bitter end. They will do everything fore the football club, the hooligans will always defend their clubs honor, even when they half to fight fore it. So hooliganism is a big problem fore the British society, hooliganism have the latest years given Britain and football a bad reputation.


The last thing that is special about Britain is the traditions that they have. Especially the eating custom, when they eat, the tee time and of course what they eating. Tee time is a very old custom, but the newer generation doesn’t practice this custom. It is the old generation that practices this custom. Tee time is served around two o’clock, at tee time the family is together to enjoy each others company. The well known English breakfast is also an old custom, we all have heard about the English breakfast with egg and bacon and the school lunches that is nutritious so the school kids learn better. Old customs are still being practiced, but the newer generation doesn’t have some much time to practice the customs that their ancestors have brought with them.


The thing that makes British British is what I have mentioned on the text above the way that they behave and have they like things classy. The British people have a fine language; the language is floating in a way so it sounds really polite. So if I half to make a choice of what made the British people British it is the language. Because many things describes the environment around you but only one thing describes you as a person and that is the language that you talk. But that is fore the people, if you see it from the other side you can say that the whole thing that characterize Britain it is classy, in a way Britain always have a need to be on top, if you understands what I mean. So maybe that is why they are so classy, to be better then the rest of the world (this is just a thought).

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