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Little Red Riding Hood

En moderne versjon av Lille Rødhette på engelsk.


Once upon a time there was this little girl named Little Red. Her grandmother Elane was sick, and needed some milk, potato chips, chocolate and some bread. That’s why she called and asked Little Red if she could buy it for her. So Little Red went to the shop and paid for everything Elane had asked for. Milk, potato chips, chocolate and some bread. She paid the cashier and went off to Elanes house in the woods. Little Reds mother had told her to be very careful and to watch out for dangerous animals. Little Red knew all this from before, because her mother had always told her that every time she had gone to Elane.


So Little Red went into the woods, heading for her grandmother. While she walked she started to think about this very special boy in her class. He was so cute. Little Red had a crush on him. She looked at him every single day, every period even every minute. He was the most gentle person she had ever known in her whole life. But, unfortunately he was in love with an other girl in her class. Linda was her name. Little Red hated her truly. She wanted to kill her. Linda had blue eyes. Little Red had brown eyes. Linda had blond hair. Little Reds hair was red. Oh, how she hated the way she looked. She was ugly. That’s right! She believed that she was ugly! What a thought! She was one of the prettiest girl man had ever seen.


So, while she walked on the path she heard this weird sound. Like feet trying not to be heard. She turned around. It was nobody there! She started to walk again. Again she heard this weird sound. This time she pretended that she didn’t hear. Then she turned quickly around, and there it was. A wolf. A gray-haired wolf with big, black eyes and a wagging tale. "Hello," the wolf said. "Who are you?" "I am Little Red," Little Red said. "Don’t you know that walking in the woods all by yourself is very dangerous?" "Of course I know that." said Little Red. "But I have to give these groceries to my old grandmother Elane." "Elaine you said? That’s the women in Seinfeld." "Ha, ha. Very funny. Hilarious," said Little Red. She had a long, good look at the wolf and said: "You’re cute." "What?" "You are cute," she said again. The wolf looked at her. "You’re cute to," said the wolf. And so it went on and on. Bit by bit, very slow though, Little Red and the wolf came closer and closer. And suddenly, they put their arms around each other and kissed. "Let’s run off together and never come back!" said Little Red. "Oh, I’m not so sure about that," said the wolf. "Why not?" said Little Red. "My mother is kind of old, and I really don’t want to leave her," said the wolf. "My grandmother is also old, but I only visit her because my mother tells me to. I hate my grandmother, for God sake!" said Little Red "You’re right. Lets go!" Then Little Red and the wolf ran off far into the woods. They got married, but of course, no kids though. (You know. Human/wolf.) They lived happily ever after in a cottage in the big woods. So if you’re there you really should visit them.

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