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A man is having an interview with a Native American from an old tribe. The interviewer asks, “Do you prefer being called Indian or Native American?” “Well I think I prefer Native American because that’s what we actually are. We are the native tribes of America, and we were the first culture to live here. As a matter of fact, Indians are actually people from India, so it is wrong to call us Indians, because we are not from India. So yeah, I think we should be called Native Americans.” The next question is “So how are the connections between tribes now?” “Our connections are mixed, some of us have good contact, and some don’t. Some of the reasons are that we are not many Native Americans any more, are that some of us do not have our Native languages anymore. The reason is that back in the old days Native Americans was forced to speak English, and we could not even keep our traditions. If they spoke their languages or did something Native American like, they would be punished. So when they got children and grandchildren they did not learn them their languages, because they did not want them to go through what they went through. Back in the old days, every tribe often had a different language, but they could all understand each other as long as they knew which tribe they spoke with. It is sad that we can’t do that anymore.” Then the interviewer continued “Your “religion” how does it work?” “Well, when the white man came to America they did not understand us. They thought that we worshipped the “Sun God” because we always were so happy when the sun rose. Well that was false, when we killed animals, we always thanked the animal and God for that they gave us that sacrifice. When the sun rose, we were happy because we were glad that God gave us another day. We did not worship a God, we just was thankful.”

Once upon a time, there was three guys in the woods together. There was two from Dakota, and one from New York. One day the Dakota guy went out in the woods alone, and returned one hour later with a deer. The New York guy asked “How did you do that?” He replied, “I just followed the tracks and suddenly I met the deer, and then I shot it.” The next day the other Dakota guy went out in the woods, and returned a hour later with a deer. The New York guy asked “How did you do that?” He replied, “I just followed the tracks suddenly I met the deer, and then I shot it.” The third day the New York guy went out and did not return after an hour. He did not return later that day either. The Dakota guys went after him and found him torn up and bloody on the ground. They asked, “What did you do?” He replied, “I did like you did, I followed the tracks. Then suddenly the god damn train ran me over!” 

Engelsk Tentamen Deloppgave 2

Norwegian-Americans today

Many Norwegians immigrated to America in 1825-1925 in hope of a better life. They also got a lot of land to farm on. Today many Norwegian American people live in the states. However, what strikes me as weird is that not many of them know Norwegian. If you have Norwegian relatives, you should at least know their language. Nevertheless, they are very proud of being Norwegian relatives though. You cannot blame them for that, who does not want to have Viking blood in them? We Norwegians have of course taken the advantage of that and made Alt for Norge! This is a Norwegian Television-Show were Norwegian Americans come to Norway and battle through different challenges to prove who is the most Norwegian. If you win Alt for Norge, you get to meet the Norwegian side of your family. This makes the Norwegian Americans very motivated to win. This makes a very entertaining show for us Norwegians to watch. Some places in America have Norwegian names or is inhabited by Norwegians. This is because when the Norwegians moved from Norway they wanted to feel a little like home, so they named their farm or area after known Norwegian places, or cities.

The American-Mexican Border

The American-Mexican border is one of the most patrolled borders in the world. The reason being that here there has happened a lot of narcotic smuggling, and people crossing the border without permission. People have been escaping to countries for ages. People maybe do not have it too good at home, or just want to do something else. The United States of America is the place of opportunities, and then many people want to come here to get work and maybe get a better life. Now for some decades narcotics have come spreading all over the world. And Pablo Escobar has not been helping. Pablo Escobar is a well-known narcotic smuggler and dealer. Down in Colombia he made millions on millions. Where did he sell it? Of course the United States. Nevertheless, how did he get it over? By smuggling it over the American-Mexican border. The series Narcos on Netflix is a well-known series on the life of Pablo Escobar, and has now returned with a fourth season. Which is all about the smuggling over the American-Mexican border. So is it weird that this border is well patrolled and protected? I think not. Of course the police want to do as much as they can to stop narcotics and people from crossing the border. Although Pablo Escobar is no longer alive, there might be someone still pulling the strings and shipping narcotics over to the States without us knowing. However, we know that there are many Mexicans who cross the American-Mexican border, or are smuggled over. So once again, it is not weird that the police patrol this border, and are very strict about who and what gets passed through the border. 

Del 3.1: The Bodyguard

My name is Harold Smith, and I work for the CIA. My job is very secret and only a handful of people know who I am and what I do. I do not have a wife, neither a child. I am 43 years old and I have done a lot of missions. When I turned 35, the CIA thought I was too old for being an agent, so they put me as the Presidents bodyguard. I have now served 1 president, and soon two. When I was an agent I had some jobs were I had to rescue a hostage, or save someone. So I was prepared for the job. I’ve been taught hand to hand combat, how to handle multiple guns and defusing bombs. When I heard that I was going to be a bodyguard, I first got angry, but then I realized that I was beginning to turn old. Therefore, I pleased myself with that, and thought that I will nail this job. My first President did not have many threats, he got some people who did not agree with him time to time. However, after some talking with them, they calmed down. When this President was elected, I knew he was going to be trouble. Surprisingly he has not, wherever he goes everyone cheer for him. Even I like him. When we drive around in his bulletproof car, he would crack jokes and we always had a good time. My routine is often: Wake up early, take a shower, get my suit on, get wired up with my fellow bodyguards, start the car, pick up the President and drive him wherever he wants. 

One day he and his wife entered the car and he said: “To the airport Smith” “Will be” I answer. “A special occasion Mr.?” I ask. “Yes, what gave me away?” He answered smiling. “Your wife” I smiled back. Suddenly we all began to laugh. I drove to the airport. I have a VIP with me, so we can drive to the back and I park beside the Presidents Jet. We went onboard, the President said hello to his pilots, and the pilots often answer hello and tell what a great honor it is and so on. He sits down in his favorite seat, in the middle of the plane, on the left side. His wife seats herself in front of him. I go back to the car and get their baggage, and then board the plane, and close the entrance behind me. “Anything you want Mr. President?” I ask. “Just a nice flight Smith, thanks for asking” He answers. “Don’t thank me, it’s my job you know” I laugh. “Yes, it is” he laughs back. Nothing happens on the flight. The plane lands safely and I open the entrance, meeting a huge crowd shouting and taking pictures. I hear the President coming behind me, and suddenly the crowd begins to speak even louder. I begin to walk down the stairs and look for our car. I see it in front of us. I take one hand behind both the President and the First lady’s back. I escort them to the car, and close the door as they have entered. I jump in the front seat, I turn around against them and say “Welcome to Dallas, Texas” I drive them to their hotel, and meet another team of bodyguards. I open their door, and escort them to their hotel room. As the President is about to close the door he says to me “Have a good night sleep Smith, I think you are going to have a busy time tomorrow.” “Thank you Sir.” I answer. I enter my room and go straight to bed. I wake up, take a shower and get dressed. I walk out of my room and wait outside of the Presidents room. After some time they walk out. “Good morning Sir!” “Good morning Smith, you had a good night?” The President answer. “Yes, really good. Shall we go?” I answer. “Yes” We walk out of the hotel, and we meet a huge crowd of people. Sheering and screaming. I begin to walk, but then some bodyguards walk up to me and says, “We got it from here” It feels like I am being punched in the stomach. I see the President looking at me like somethings wrong when they escort him into the back seat. Then they pull down the roof. Now I feel like I am being shot in the stomach now. Before I know it, the car is gone. I run out into the street and see the car in front of me. I begin to run after the car, but I realize that I cannot catch up. I take a turn to the right trough some buildings. 

I am suddenly standing in this large park. I look around, I do not see the car anywhere. Then I hear some shouting in the distance. I look around me a bit more, and then up in the air I see a man up in a clock tower with a sniper. I reach for my ear and say “We got a sniper in the east tower” Then I realize that I have not synchronized my earplug. I panic, then I begin to run towards the clock tower, it is a tall building. I hear the screaming coming closer. I run up the stairs as fast as I can. Screaming coming even closer. I run, run, run. Screaming coming even closer. BANG! I stop and everything becomes silent. BANG! Once more. The shouting starts again, and I start to run again. After some minutes, I reach the top. There is nothing on the top. I look around, and then I look down in the street. There are people running everywhere, and police all over the park. Then I see a car with no roof, and blood all over the back seat. My stomach hurts so badly, as if it has been torn out. I fall down on my knees, and begin to cry.

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