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The Accident

Om en som redder en påkjørt jente.


Many days are exactly the same. But not this day. This day wasn’t like the other days. Today was a day that will not go quietly into the night. Not in my head. Something horrible happened. I had seen it on TV many times, but this was not like TV. This was something that really affected my spiritual intellect in a dramatic way. I witnessed an accident, and I saved someone’s life. Let me tell you the story…


It was Saturday. Like all other Saturdays, I had planned to go shopping groceries in a supermarket called "Woolworth." Well actually there are many shops called "Woolworth" all over England where I live, cause it is a big business circle, but I just call it "Woolworth," or sometimes just "Wools."


I got my car keys and went down to my little car. A little Ford. Old, but cosy, bright blue with sofa instead of seats. I unlocked the door on my side, and let Shoe in first. Shoe is my dog. A Pitbull Terrier. If this dog doesn’t like you, it will eat you. Simply. I got in and started the engine. I turned on my Carstereo. The music of "Dream Teater" came out of the loudspeakers. A great band in fact.


I hit the road and 5 minutes later I parked my car on a parking place nearby the store.


As I went down the street I could hear people yelling and screaming. When I got closer I saw what the crowd were looking at; I sat my eyes on a big stain of blood with a girl in the middle. And behind her was a big car with blood all over the hood and front window. A car had hit the girl. A little girl against a big car. That’s not fair. Inside the car was a man sitting not doing anything. He was drunk. The girl had been hit by a drunkdriver!!!


I looked at the people around me. Frightened and worried faces. Grown up people crying. The little girl on the ground was lifeless, without an expression in her little face, which was now a white and bloody face. I had to do something. In a situation like this you underestimate your self, I am sure. You feel like you can’t do anything. You are useless.


On TV I had seen people use mouth to mouth and heart compression on other individuals who required it to survive. Now I was in a similar situation. Someone had to take action here, or this little girl, probably not more than thirteen years old would past away, I am sure. I took the initiative: I stepped forward and sat down beside the girl. I had to free her airways, or else she would be shocked. I knew that victims that had been exposed for something that could cause them several damages to neck and back, was not to be removed. Then they could be paralysed. But now I had to take this risk. Or let her die.


I slowly removed her head in upside position and felt for air coming out of her mouth or nose. Nothing. No pulse either. Something was blocking her airways. I opened her mouth gently and found that her tongue was stuck in her trout. I removed the tongue and then I started revitalising her. After just about half a minute she started breathing on her own. I had brought her back to life! Everybody around be clapped and told me what good job I had done. This was an indescribable feeling. To save someone’s life. If it hadn’t been for me, this little and innocent girl would maybe never see the earth again. Never breath in the same air as she had always done, never see the blue sky and the birds, smell the delicate fragrance of summer and never play with her friends again. Her life was in my hands, and I did not fail. Luckily.


But what if she had died in my arms. Would it be the same? No, that is not comparable with saving her. I would be sitting on the ground crying, with the "you did it wrong, it is my entire fault" feeling hanging over me. The sense of guilt would be unbearable.


What if I had just stood there watching her die? Feeling that there was nothing I could do for her? Well I am just glad I managed to bring her back to life.


The ambulance came shortly after and took care of the girl. The paramedics said she would be just fine thanks to me. Great.


Two days later I went to the hospital to see the little girl. She was awake, and her parent where there too. They were very happy to see me. They could not thank me enough. Her father and her mother were standing there in front of me with tears in their eyes, saying, " We will be forever grateful." This was a good feeling too. They tried to offer me money and even a car, but I had got my payment.


What can we learn from a story like this? If you see anybody driving when they have been drinking, tell them to stop immediately. If they deny, call the police. Think if it was you, or maybe your brother who lay there, dead cause of a drunk driver. What would you feel then? All over the planet there are people loosing someone they care about cause of irresponsible people driving with alcohol over the legal limit.


Never hesitate in a situation where you can save lives. There is someone that will be very happy then. If you fail than you can fail with good consciousness: you tried. That’s better than not trying.

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