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The Bounce

Engelsk fortelling om en som blir drept i Vietnam.


We had been walking all day when we suddenly came over a small object. The entity was covered with dirt. It had the looks of inveterate receptacle from the some ancient war. The five men walked slowly towards it. One of the men hunched a movement above the hillock to their right. He heavy-handedly lifted his heater, through the telescope he had a stern lock at the questionable locus. Just quiet, with a demure tension. The rest of the men lifted their rifles, and walked only looking aligned with the gun pipe. The officer walked towards the box like he was walking on eggshell. The rest were watching the moronic man as he approached the box and at the same time, the end of his life. Just one of the men looked like the instant didn’t bothered him. He pulled a Hijo out of the sig-carton that he had put on his helmet. Put it against his lips. He had a SA-match that someone, probably at home had sent him. He tried to strike it on the triger-colb. It broke. "These fucking matches won’t strike". This was the trifle that broke his self-control. He broke down, and soon he was sitting on his knees in the mud. The rest of the men turned and looked at the wreck. They had a pitying look on their faces. The officer turned around and pointed his auto at the silent man. He did nothing but lay down with his face planted in the mud.


The officer aimed at the man and looked down. Through all this, the man that aimed towards the hillock stood still. A tear fell down his dirty chin, laving a stripe with the true color of his face. The man that they shot was one of his only friends in this troop. A bird flew out of the scrubs. One shot was fired, and you couldn’t see that it had been a bird even if you wanted to. The four that were left walked over to the officer that still stood there looking down. They clapped his shoulder. He was so week that it almost knocked him to the ground. Two of the men reached down to lift the box. As they did, they could see the rigging from chest directing the hillside.........

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