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The Mysterious Bone Island

Lang og flott stil om en mystisk øy...


It was a nice and warm day in the little coastal city called Bayport. Bayport lies in south England. Mark and Susan were fishing at the quay. They were twins and 12 years old. The sky was all blue and the wind blew gently in from the sea. "I think I’ve got another fish" Mark said. His fishing-rod bend a little, and Mark got the fish on land with no problems. It was a little cod. " That’s number six, and I haven’t got any of them." Susan said and sounded a little sad. "Don’t worry. I’m sure you’re gone get something soon." Mark said to comfort her. "It’s still 3 hours till we must go home."
They kept on fishing fore a while without even a little bite. Then suddenly Susan’s fishing-rod was bend so it almost broke, and she nearly fell into the water. Her brother had to help her. She had got something that heavy on the hook that they almost had to give up, but after some struggle they got it up on the quay. It was a little chest with metal edges. It was almost black and looked very old. "Come on! Lets open it!" Susan said. "Maybe it’s something valuable." The chest wasn’t locked so they had no problems getting it open. Inside there was a little piece of skin with something drawn on it. "I think it’s a map" Mark said. "Let’s go home so we can have a better look at it. It’s still wet so we can’t see exactly what it says." Susan suggested. They were so excited that they forgot all about the fish they had fished.
When they came home, they smuggled the chest and the map up to their room. They didn’t want their parents to see it because they would probably take it to a museum or something.
When they got it all up to the room, they started to examine it very closely. "Look here! It looks like it’s a map of Bone Island" Susan said. "You can see that it looks like a big bone." Bone Island laid a couple of miles to the south-west of Bayport. "This is so exiting, maybe there is a treasure or something valuable there." Mark said. "Yes, there is marked a cross there in the middle of the island. Tomorrow we’ll go and find the treasure, and get rich!"


The next day they went up early and told their parents that they were going to the Amusement park with some friends. Before they left Mark put a flashlight and some other things he thought my come in handy in a bag. Their parents believed them and didn’t suspect anything. They went down to the quay where they had a little boat that they had got for their 12th birthday. The boat was red and it had a little engine in the back. Mark and Susan put their life-jackets on and climbed down into the boat. Then Mark started the engine and set the course for Bone Island. They could see the island in the horizon. There was coming a nice breech in from the sea, and everything seemed just perfect for treasure hunting. It didn’t take long before they arrived at the island. They had once bin there before with their dad, so they knew a nice place where they could dock the boat.
"Did you bring the map?" Susan asked. "Yes, of course." He answered. "Look at this, we must find a little mountain that looks like a pigs head." The mountain was marked with a cross. "I will go this way then you can go that way." He pointed to the south, and Susan agreed. If they found something they should whistle loudly.
It was a big island and it took some time before Mark found it. He whispered as loudly as he could. Susan heard it and came running towards the sound. "Where are you, Mark " She yelled when she arrived. "Up here" She heard a voice, and looked up. She saw Mark on the top of the pigs head. He was standing on top of the left ear and waving his hands.
The pig mountain was about sixty feet high and it laid in a little hole in the terrain, so it couldn’t be spotted from the sea. Mark climbed down and they sat down on a rock to have another look at the map. At the top of the map there was a writing. It said: To get rich you must use the nose. "I can’t smell anything" Mark said. "You’re so stupid" Susan laugh. "It must be the nose on the pig" She said. "Sure, that’s to easy. It can’t be." Mark said and tried to sound tough. They climbed up to the nose and in the right nostril there was a rusty handle. "What did I tell you" Susan said but mark didn’t reply. Susan tried to pull the handle, but she couldn’t move it. "Let me try!" Mark said. He took a good grip and pulled as hard as he could. Then suddenly the handle loosened, and Mark lost his grip and nearly fell down. Susan had caught him and saved him for a broken leg or arm. "Thank you" he said. "Look over there! The handle must have opened it." Mark pointed at the pigs left eye. It had opened and relieved a dark and scary cave. Mark and Susan sat down to discuss what they where going to do.
Then suddenly it started to blow, and the sky was all covered by grey clouds and in a second it started to pour down. "What are we going to do?" Mark asked. "We must go into the cave before we get all soggy.
They went into the cave. Mark took the flashlight out of his bag and lighted up the cave. They could see a long tunnel that spinned down into the mountain. "Let’s go and find the treasure." Mark said. I’m sure the weather will improve in not to long." They started walking down the cave. It was very steep and moist, so they had to be careful not slipping. "It’s creepy in here!" Susan said. "Yea! It sure is." Mark whispered. After a while the cave started to flatten. Some places at the floor there was mud puddles, and some places there was dripping from little cracks in the roof. "I wonder if this cave was made by hand or it’s natural." Mark said. "It must be hand-made because it would take billions of years if the nature should form it." Susan replyed. She was very interested in things like that, and she got an A in science. They walked for five more minutes, then they came to a dark room. Carefully they walked in. "Klikk!" They heard a noise and suddenly a big, metal gate fell down and blocked the cave where they had entered. "What are we now going to do? We cant go back again." Susan cried. "Don’t worry, I’m sure there is another way out." Mark said, but he didn’t sound to convincing.
The room was quite big and now it had only one entrance, and that went further into the mountain. Mark and Susan tried very hard to open the gate, but there was no use. They just had to go on and hope that there was another way up. They continued to walk. The cave became smaller and smaller each step. It started to go downwards again. Suddenly Marks flashlight went out and it became all dark.. Susan slipped and fell against Mark. Both of them stumbled down the steep hill.


"Susan! Are you all right?" Mark whispered. Nobody answered. He crawled around to find the flashlight. Luckily he found it, and after some fiddling he fixed it. When he got some light he saw Susan laying on the floor a couple of metres away. "Susan1 Wake up!" He yelled. She opened her eyes and sat up. "Where am I?" She asked. She was very confused, but after Mark told her the hole story she remembered. They were very lucky both of them, because nobody was serious hurt. Just a few scratches and some headache. After they had rested they started to look around.
In one corner of the cave they found a little chest. "Do you think it’s the treasure." Mark said. "I’m not sure. Let’s open it and find out." Susan tried to open it, but it was stuck. "Let me try!" Mark said. He took out a knife from his bag and tried to force the chest open. The lid started to loosen. Both hold their breath. "Klikk!" Nothing happened. They took a closer look at the contents. There was a beautiful gold ring with a big diamond and a little bottle with a little cork. "Is this all!" Mark said disappointed. Susan took the ring and put it on her finger. "It’s beautiful!" She said. "Let’s find out what’s in the bottle. Maybe it’s some valuable perfume or something like that. I don’t want to almost get killed just for one ring." Mark opened the bottle. Out of it there came a very strange scent. Both of them immediately became very tired, and after a few minutes they were both knocked out.
When they woke up they found each other laying on the shore where they had docked their boat. "How did we get here? And where are my bag? Mark said confused. "It must all have bin a dream or something." It was almost eight o’clock so it was getting dark. "Let’s go home." Susan said. The weather was very nice and there was no wind when they almost arrived at Bayport. Then suddenly Susan noticed the ring on her finger.


Mark and Susan sold the ring and got very rich, but they never found out what happened on Bone Island. Nobody has ever found the entrance to the cave, and Marks bag that contained the map was never found.

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