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"Hey, John! Wake up, we’re almost there!" my little brother is shouting at me with that annoying voice, he always has to wake me up like that; Loudly and every single time vexing me like it was the end of the world. Actually it is the end of the world - for me. My father’s job allows promotions to extremely far places. Though with extremely high wages. . . I had to leave my old school, friends and classmates, even my fresh girlfriend I had to leave behind, all that in just one week. Well actually we did not even have the time to get involved properly, so I am not very emotionally sad, but.
The airhostess presents herself from behind the curtain and grants us some pleasuring information; "Dinner is soon to be served - here on first class we will offer you sliced, crisproasted pork meat in a sweet-and-sour sauce with rice, and if asked for, chopsticks." Her voice was a typical stewardess’ voice, tender and nice, just perfect.
When we finally arrive at this godforsaken place I see that it is not godforsaken at all, just smaller. Smaller than the city where I came from, where I had my first birthday-party and where I got my first kiss. A small tear is introducing itself in my left eye, a fifty-fifty tear between sadness and happiness; sadness because of leaving my friends behind, and happiness of knowing that I will get over it - eventually.

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