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My first trip to America

En tur til Amerika.

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The air hostess asked me if I wanted some juice. I muttered and smiled. She said ‘’there you go’’, and went to the kitchen of the plain. There where two hours to the landing in Florida. I was going to meet my older sister. She was teaching at sixth-form level. Other people would maybe call it A-level teaching-but anyway. – She was going to go infront of me with an good example. It was my first time in the United states. I was supposed to learn grammar and history of the language. The main reason for coming to Florida was of course to visit my big sister, and live in her appartment.


The plain had landed! It gushed in me, I started sprinting when I saw my sister! ‘’Oh, your litle wag’’-she said exuberant an patted me on my head! She had totaly changed style, after living there for two years. She was wearing an overcoat, beret, a sweather with collar and some powerfull coloured jeans.


We went home to her appartment. I had to rest, tomorrow would be a strenuous day!


Early morning in Orlando. My sister Fernanda had taken the day off. We went to Epcot to look at all the different cultures. My feet started to get tired and we resolved to eat. The food was different! There was so much more to choose between! I ordered a barbequed pig-trotter. I was voracious, it seem like there was no buttom in me! Later that day my sister showed me Orlando. We went shopping all clothes you can imagine, and she showed me her favorite restaurant. I was having the best time of my life. We went to Daytona Beach to watch a car race the next day. I have never seen cars driving so fast before. It was scary just to watch! I can’t imagine how it is to sit in a car like that, driving that fast. It was late when we came home that nigth; I went straigth to bed after a strenuous day!


We ate donuts that morning! My sister had to go to work! I had the whole day for myself. I went to a clean beach called West Palm Beach! The trip with the bus was 300 km long, but finally I could lay down and enjoy the sun. I was just going to take a litle nap. Whoops! When I woke I was sunburned. Exstreemly sunburned. I felt terrible. The bus was waiting for me.


The last couple of days I was in Key West with Fernanda. We looked at Ernest Hemingways home. It was green, with a big white wall outside. We didn’t go inside, we couldn’t afford it. There was alot of restaurants and allmost all the waiters were gay. This is he hometown for gay boy’s. We had alot of fun with them, belive me!


When my sister followed me to the airport she said: I’m going to miss you, remember that I love you, and take care!

I was so tuched, she had never told me something nearly to that before. I was looking forward to see all my friends and tell them about this wonderfull vacation and show them all my new clothes!


So, there I left Florida, I had learned alot of words, but no history. Still, I was very pleased with this trip!

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