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Job interview

Et jobbintervju på engelsk.


Clark was going to a job interview. The job was a in a laboratory. He was going to do research in the laboratory. The employer was going to question him.

-Your name is Clark Johnson?
-Where are you from?
-I actually come from the countryside, but I have lived in the city for 15 years.
-Where do you live now?
-I live in a flat on the northern side of London.
-What education do you have?
-I have college. And I went to high school studying chemistry.
-Are you married?
-Yes, and I have 2 children.
-Did you skip school often?
-No, not more than my friends. I was just away from school when I was ill.

-Do you have any health problem?
-No, not what I know of.
-Why would you like to work for this company?
-I don’t know. Maybe because I have heard many good things about it. And some of my friends work
-Why should I hire you?
-Because I have the education and the qualification. I have experience too.
-What can you do for us that someone else cannot?
-I don’t know. That is what I am going to find out.
-Have you had any previous job?
-Yes, I worked in Johnson & Johnson, a chimistrial factory.
-What subject did you like best at school?
-I liked geography best.
-What subject didn’t you like at school?
-I didn’t like religion much.
-What do you know about this company?
-I have read about this company. It is doing chemical research. It has about 60 people working here.
-What did you like about your last job?
-I was mixing stuff, at a laboratory.
-Do you think this is the ideal job for you?
-Yes, because I have worked with about the same thing for some time.
-How much pressure can you work under?
-I don’t know. I’m not a weak person.
-Did you work overtime at your last job?
-Yes, but just because the earning was poor.
-How long have you been searching for a job?
-Since my last job. About a week.
-Do you have anything against a female boss?
-I suppose not. I have never had a female boss before.
-Can you work with a woman?
-Yes, I worked with many women at my last job.
-Did you have any project in college?
-A few. One about a famous writer.
-What did you do in this project?
-I was writing a resume of a book about the writer.
-Why did you quit you last job?
-The company went bankrupt.
-Why haven’t you found a job before?
-Because I haven’t seen any in the newspaper. It was a friend who told me about this job.
-Do you know what you are going to do in this job?
-I think I’m going to do research.
-What do you do in your sparetime?
-I read a lot, I jogg and listen to music.
-Do you have any hobbies?
-Yes. I like the nature. And I have a cabin that I often go to.
-Do you have any references?
-Yes, just ask my old boss, Mark Johnson.
-How long are you going to work for us?
-Until I find something better.
-What qualification do you have for this job?
-I have training in chemistry.
-Do you have a second language?
-Yes, I speak German, and some Spanish.
-What is your strong side?
-I’m good at details.
-What is your bad side?
-I don’t work very fast.
-Did you have any friends at the college, or primary school?
-I had some at the primary school. But they didn’t go to the same college as me, so I didn’t see them more. But I got new friends in college.
-Do you want to be a boss?
-Yes. Maybe in the future. But now I don’t have the education.

It wasn’t many people who wanted the job. And in a few days Clark got the job.

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