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The perfect couple

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The perfect couple

Max had made up his mind. He was going to ask Miss H out for a date. He knew that there were going to be a Valentine’s discotheque Saturday night. Max has had a crush on Miss H since the first day their eyes met. She had stared into his eyes, and she said something like ”Tia Amore”….., but he wasn’t sure. She moved from Mexico about a year ago, so she wasn’t very good in English. Max knew she had an E-mail address, but he wasn’t completely sure if he had the right one. But he wanted to try.

He wrote her address: And then he pushed enter. Then he wrote the message:

Dear Miss H!
Would you be so kind to be my date at the Valentine’s discotheque, Saturday night??? I’ve had a crush on you since the first day my eyes met yours. Please say you’ll come, if not you’ll break my heart.

Love XXX
Maximillian Spencer

He pushed the SEND button and then the message flew out in cyber space.

He was so nervous that when he heard that the computer ”said”:
*You got mail*, he bit his tongue so hard that it started to bleed. While his heartbeat was a 150 strokes a minute he walked slowly across the room, heading for the computer.

I the message it stood(and remember she wasn’t very good in English):

Dear Maximillian
Do you now how long I have been waiting for you too ask me out? Probably not. I would love to be your date at the Valentine’s discotheque.

Tia Amore XXX
Miss H

I can’t describe how happy Max was It was like if lots of butterflies had flown out of his mouth, as he screamed: *Yes, Yes, Yes!!!*, so loud that the whole neighbourhood heard it.

On Saturday night he bought some flowers, and some chocolate in a heart shaped box for her. He picked her up at seven ò clock p.m. I think Max and Miss H were born for each other, they were the perfect couple. I was sure they were going to get married one day in their life, but who could know how dark and terrible their destiny was going to be.

When the slowly walked into the huge discotheque an invisible heat carpet hit them. The music was so loud and almost everybody was dancing. Max got two Cokes for them. They drank it slowly.

As a nice and slow song began, Max pulled her out on the dance floor. He made a smooth gentle movement as he laid his arm carefully around her waist.

He kissed her and he wished for that this moment would last forever. Ten they heard someone scream out:*Fire! Fire!* and he couldn’t believe it.

The best moment in his life turns out to be the scariest.

*We have to get out*, Mats said. *Yes, we have to bend down, and try to avoid breathing in the smoke*, Miss H replied, as h saw that Miss H slowly closed her eyes. He couldn’t believe it. She was lying there on the floor………..DEAD!!!

Now Max didn’t want to live anymore, so he jumped out of the window, so there he lay unconscious and dead! Poor Miss H and Maximillian. Their love were over before it had begun!

The perfect couple 2

My name is Miss H, well it isn’t really my real name, but it is what my friends call me. A couple of weeks ago, I turned fifteen. I’ll tell you, I’ve never had such a nice birthday as I had that day in Miami.

Daddy came home from work early that day. He told us that we were going to spend our summer vacation in Florida. I was so happy. It was what I’d been dreaming about for years. To go down south to Florida, wow, nothing could be as wonderful as that. Beaches, hotels, cold drinks, and sunbathing.

We went to the J.F Kennedy Airport early next morning. It was chaotic, I assume everybody was going on summer-holidays. The plane trip was very relaxing. It took four hours, but I was sleeping most of the time. When we got off the plane, it felt like an invisible heat carpet hit me. It was extremely hot outside.

We arrived at the hotel an hour later. It was a very nice hotel. Flowers were hanging all over the place. It looked like paradise, but I guess it wasn’t too strange since the hotel was called Hotel Paradise.

While mom and dad went to a restaurant, I went down to a very special beach, called Dent Beach. The beach was surrounded by palms, and it wasn’t too big. Kind of cozy, I guess. It was four o’ clock in the afternoon, so I had a couple of hours to sun bathe, before the sun would sink into the ocean.

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