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An unusual day

Gutt som prøver å hjelpe en venn.

Karakter: 5+

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And when I say terribly, I mean terribly wrong! Helen is usually the one who comfort others, but that idea was turned the other way. We were trying to comfort her, which was impossible I assure you. So I realized there were no other options but finding out what was wrong with Helen. Then my friend and I took initiative and started investigating.


The first thing we did after school was calling Helen to ask what was wrong, but as she never answered the phone we gave up on calling her. My friend had to eat dinner so he just gave up on the whole thing. But I had to find out. So I went over to Helen’s house. I looked up in the windows, while I was trying to figure out if it had anything with her parents to do. It did not seem like that since they tried to comfort her too. So I went home again. However on my way home I saw this rope, it had lots of hair on it and it smelled funny. I did not know why, but I picked it up and put it in my pocket.


Mom and dad were mad at me when I got home, I had been gone for over one hour when I was supposed to come back half past four but instead I came half past five. They said they were worried about me. So we sat down around the dinner table and started eating, the food was awful, there were mushrooms in it. I hate mushrooms! After dinner I went up to my room to play games. I played games until I had to go to bed. But when it was half past twelve in the evening I went outside to continue my investigation.


I had totally forgotten the rope in my pocket. I took it out and started investigating; I found some blood on it. But that was not enough to explain the funny smell. So I put the rope back in my pocket. I was going to walk Helen’s way to school, it was not a long way. Then as I was walking from school I saw three teenagers, so I hid behind some bushes. One of them was tall with a blue cap, the other one was short with long hair but the third guy was big with evil green eyes and short black hair. They did not spot me or hear me. So I looked up out of the bush, and they were doing something. I just had a feeling that they did something that was mean and that feeling was correct. They did a most terrible thing. They were binding a poor little cat to the road. This poor fellow did not stand a chance against the evil teenagers.


I could not watch it so I jumped out the bushes and yelled “stop it!” as loud as I possibly could. They all turned around, then they started laughing at me. So I asked them what was so funny. “You,” said one of them. “Leave the cat alone!” I shouted. “Ok,” they answered. “But we won’t leave you alone!” and then they started running towards me.


I tried to run away but I lost control and fell. As I fell I lost the rope that was in my pocket. The big one picked it up and said “Haha that’s the rope we used to hang the orange cat the other day” and the other two also started laughing. And then I understood why Helen was so upset, her cat was also orange.

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