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Du er her: Skole > Money can rule a life

Money can rule a life

Oppgaven var å skrive hvordan en bortskjemt jente sitt liv er avhengig av penger.

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Lauren Morris continues with the entertaining of the guests and make sure the party it’s amazing. She is really impressed by everyone’s reaction. ‘’I had so much attention she told with a smile as white as the snow. Still, as she cuts into her three-tiered, cake and accepts a Tiffany bracelet bearing 20 diamonds, she seems to have got over the horror of having to change her plans. Although she think her life is perfect and marvellous , she has no clue about what the next years will bring. Lauren glance aside at her friends and a new emotion of luck sweeps through her. With the mirth and wealthy she is extremely beautiful, popular and sparkling. In theory her next years should bring joy, happiness and a self-confidence higher than necessary . Not an invisible and puny soul without the strength to exchange a single word to an unknown . Lauren’s world is going to fall apart and develop a person with a huge incapablity She is going to scold at her family with her lips pressed together, a situation that leads their family into hundred of pieces. Suddenly and unexpectedly, like a bolt of lightening, they send her away. A life without wealth and benefits , a life without her adorable father and her envious friends and a life without money and expensive clothes waited for her.

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