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English speaking world

Engelsk heldagsprøve, bl.a. om en lege som flytter til India for å jobbe.

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Hong Kong offers a wide selection of career opportunities. Hong Kong is always ready to welcome you as part of its culture, life and bustling. Even if you are interested in arts, technology, teaching or finance. Hong Kong will always live up to your expectations. It is a modern city who is shaped not only by traditions, but also by innovation and modernity. This does Hong Kong unique. In Hong Kong it is a lot of job and career opportunities, and an exciting cultural life. In Hong Kong you can visit a lot of attractions in a compact area. Visit the Peak, Victoria Harbour and the Giant Buddha. Discover what Hong Kong has to offer today.



Occupation: Pilot

Drive the plane to take off, just sit there wait for it. Take off, look out at the skies and be the pilot who carries a lot of people from a place to another. As a pilot you have a long study time and use a lot of money at school and training. The key words to be a pilot its strength and a smile. You work with many good friends, your co-pilot and rest of the cabin personnel. All of your colleagues have the same education as you and you need to practice all of your time. You need to meet new and different people and be a nice guy to all of them if you want to have a challenging and fun job. The study time is about how the plane is build and how to drive it, how to see the weather and navigation in the air.


You work up to 40-50 hours a week, where approximately 30 of these are actual flight an airplane with up to 300 passengers.


The salary in the start is about 600 000-700 000 kr. a year. You have already used 1,8 million kroner to study to this job, and it is long days at work.



Aslak Bøhler’s experiences as a doctor in a small hospital in Calcutta, has learned him a lot about himself. Indian culture has made him more appreciative of how the Norwegian hospital service functions.


Aslak had always had a dream of making a difference, therefore decided Aslak to go to Calcutta his last year of medical school. He wanted to test out something new, to investigate a different culture and a different hospital service. He wasn’t in India for a long time before he found a lot of lousy things.


Not as Expected

To work in small Indian hospital was very different than anything Aslak could represent himself. The medical equipment wasn’t anywhere near the standard he was used to see, the staff wasn’t that good educated as in Norway and rarely spoke an English that he could understand. It was a different world a different society Aslak had come in to Aslak had come in to. Especially the nightshifts were something Aslak dreaded because at night it was never a good staff and a lot of work to do. A protracted labor or a complicated caesarean with the constant fear that the lights would go out wasn’t anything that Aslak had expected.


Indian Servants

Another thing Aslak had to get used to that was the fact that he as a foreign doctor received Indian servants, who cleaned his house, washes his clothes and made his dinner. This cultural different to have a servants took a little bit time to get used to for Aslak. He was not expecting a man who does all the work for him and not a man who does everything. Aslak got this servant because he was doctor and was in a high rank. This is what the Indian call castes. It is like hierarchies where you had been born into one cast, and you need to be something good to get higher. Like to be a doctor who is really high ranked in India.


Difficult start

In the beginning the young doctor was taking a lot of changes with the patient. They didn’t understand English really well. Even though India was colonized by England before, and India have English as their second language. Aslak learned to speak slower English with numerous hand gestures, which the staff could understand and learn. He learned a few important Indian words and least but not last his stomach learned to cope with the strong Indian cuisine with all of the strong curries.


Kindness, affection and openness

After a few days had Aslak met an Indian family who met him with kindness, affection and openness. The father invited Aslak into their home and always offered to join the dinner, even though many of them owned always nothing. With the family Aslak found out that the hospitality of the Indians was very different from the Norwegian culture. In Norway it is normal to just eat with the family home and then you maybe take a walk to the city to meet friends. The openness of the Indians was a new world for Aslak, he saw how they ate there food with friends and used almost all of the money on dinner. To eat good food with all of the friends this is something Aslak tried to take home, and invite his friends in Norway at dinner.

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