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Hunger Games Part 2

Fortsettelse av Hunger Games-historien.

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It’s been over a year since I and Peeta won the infamous Hunger Games together, we were the first to have ever win it as a team. It was a rule they put in during last year’s games, but the quickly revoked it, but since neither of us wanted to kill each other, we decided that we would bought kill ourselves so that they would not have any winners, but in the moment were where going to eat poison berries, they reinstated the rule that two people could win and we won. The leaders of the Hunger Games were not happy with this behavior and as a punishment they decided that one of us had to go back in there and win. We were shocked by this statement and I decided that I should go, and Peeta insisted that he would leave to fight one more time. Since I didn’t want him to go out there and get himself killed I shot and arrow in his foot the day before The Reaping, so he could not walk. Peeta was very angry with, not only because I had shot an arrow in his foot, which meant that he was not able to walk for two weeks, but also because now I had to go into the Hunger Games again.


When the day of the Reaping had come I volunteered and went up on the podium. The boy who was picked out was Tom Barsen; he was big and strong and could easily pick up any challenger and throw him to the ground so hard that he would probably die. He was one year older than me and was also a good hunter and gatherer. He didn’t care much for anyone and had trained for the Hunger Games for a long time; he was the only one who really wanted in the Games. He could volunteer, but he always said as long as he was not picked it was not his faith to win. The smile on his face when his name was called up is the happiest I have ever seen anyone for a long time. He ran up to the podium and just stood there smiling the whole time. I was then escorted to the same room as last year to say goodbye. Prim came in crying, but not as much as last year, she said that she was pretty certain I would win and said she was crying because I was going to be gone for such a long time. My mother was a stone face and didn’t move almost a muscle in her face; she was always like this when she was really sad. She only gave me a hug and said, “Good Luck, Katniss, come home safely”. I could feel the tears coming, but didn’t want to cry. They were escorted out again and sent in Gale and Peeta. Gale gave me a big hug, while Peeta came jumping in on crutch. I gave him a hug and said I was sorry for the arrow he said it was okay, but I think he was still pretty angry. Then the guards came in and escorted them out. I and Tom were put in a car that was taking us to the train that was going to The Capitol. When we got on the train I was so happy when I saw Haymish sitting in the carriage and drinking. I ran towards him and embraced him, he was that happy because I made him spill his glass, but were happy as soon as he got some more whiskey in it. The ride seemed longer than last year, so I tried to make friend with Tom, but he just didn’t care. He said he did not need anybody’s help to win and just sat there staring into the air.


When we finally arrived the people were even crazier than last year and went especially crazy when they saw me. We were taken to makeup as soon as we arrived to make us ready for the show. As I sat there waiting to see who mine was I was shocked when Cinna actually walked through the door. It was so good seeing him again that jumped towards him and hugged really long. He said that had to make us look even better than last year. Last year we came in covered in fire and could not wait to see how he would improve that. When the show was about to start Cinna was no were to be seen and I was getting worried. He was no were to be find, but his assistant came with our clothes and said that Cinna had to take care of something. Fire was still the theme but this time the suits were covering our entire body and he said we were just to stand there and let the fire do the work. When the show started we were the last since we were the last district. We came out burning like last year, but it wasn’t so special this year, because we were dressed in all covering suits that looked ridiculous. We felt so stupid, but just as the audience started to silence down. The suits started disappearing and before you knew it we were dressed in fabulous outfits that were burning and the audience roaring started yet again. Again President Snow stepped forward to the microphone and welcomed us to the Hunger Games and said those foul words, “May the odds be forever in your favor”. After the show we were brought to our apartments were we got some bad news. For some reason this year, we would not get a training week; we were just to start the games already tomorrow. For me and Tom, that was actually an advantage, since he didn’t not need and I already have won this thing so I was actually happy.


The next day we were brought to the starting pods, it was early and I was tired. I went into the starting pod and was raised up to the arena. Usually they switch arenas every year, but because they had to build up a district there had been a riot in, they were a little short on money. So they used the arena they used last year, which was another advantage for me. The rules were the same as last year; it was kill or be killed and don’t step of the platform before the gong goes off or else you would be blown sky high. It was ten seconds left and we were standing ready to run for a weapon and a backpack. This year I had decided that I would go for a weapon first. Just before the gong sounded a boy from district 4 step of the platform to early and his legs were blown off. We all just stood there watching him lying on the ground screaming, but I came to my senses and started running. I was the first one to run and I ran as fast as I could so I could get the bow. I saw a boy running next to me that also wanted a weapon, I just hoped he wouldn’t get the bow, luckily he grabbed a sword and charged at some of the other contestants. I grabbed the bow and started firing arrows at people. I didn’t count how many I had hit, but think it was three or four. I then ran for a backpack and got it with me, and fled into the woods. After running for some time I stopped and started to check my backpack. It was just the same as last year, an empty water bottle, a rope and some other things. But there was a little extra gift in the bottom. It was a bag of apples. That was the best thing in there I think. After checking in my backpack I started walking, this time instead of walking uphill, I started walking downhill.


After walking for an hour I could hear someone running towards my position. I then climbed the first tree I saw and took out my bow. It was a boy from district 1. I decided that I should take him out since he is dangerous. I took aim, but just as I fired he saw me and jumped out of the way. He then started running away since he only had a sword. But he didn’t come far, because suddenly and axe came flying right in his leg. Then I saw Tom from my district coming towards him. He laughed loudly before he took the axe and planted it in his face. I climbed longer up in the tree and hid. Tom didn’t see me and started walking. I decided that I should get some rest and sleep, but before I had done anything, the canon shot that signalized someone was heard. Then the stats of who had been killed came up. After only one day so many as fifteen people were dead. That meant it was only nine left. I then went to sleep. The next day I was woken up by three more canon shots. I knew that I now needed to get some food. I saw a deer walking right under my tree and couldn’t be happier. I took out an arrow and shot it right in the lungs. It died pretty quick. I skinned it and took the meat and made up a fire a little way longer down the hill. I cooked it and had a good meal. Then I went to search for water.


After walking for six hours I finally found water, and filled up my water bottle. Then I heard Tom talking to some other people, I hid and watched. It was Tom and two other people. They filled their water bottles, but as soon as the two other contestants bent over to fill their bottles up, Tom pushed one of them in the water and took his axe and killed the other one with a blow to the head. When the on in the water saw that he started to swim for it, put it was impossible to swim because of the waterfall that was there. And was dragged towards the edge and fell down the waterfall and died. I watch terrified as Tom killed them so brutally. But knew that this was maybe my only chance to kill him I took aim and fired, it went right in his leg and he screamed. He then saw me and started running for it I started running after him, but he was no were to be seen. I walked a little more looking at his blood tracks, but suddenly they stopped and all I found was a bloody arrow. I then walked four more hours before stopping and climbed a tree and sat down to sleep. The next day I didn’t see anything of any contestant and the canon had not been fired once. I spent the day to hunt and gather. But wasn’t so lucky with the outcome, but I at least had food for a day.


The next day was the same until I heard a canon shot. I hoped someone had taken down Tom, since he was the most dangerous contestant, but was disappointed when I saw it was the little boy from district eleven who had been killed. Now it was only me, Tom and a girl from district six that was left. I was now running low on food and arrows and needed to make a trip to the Cornucopia. I had to retrace my tracks and had to walk for almost a day before I found the Cornucopia. I didn’t see anyone around so I ran for the weapons to get some arrows. I also took with me some throwing knives, I had trained a little bit with them since I and Peeta had gotten the message that one of us had to go back in there. I got the throwing knives and ran, but then I was tackled by the girls from district six and we started wrestling. She got me in a choke hold and I could see my life flash before my eyes. But I wouldn’t give up and managed to get loose with a finally attempt. We both got to our fight and then we saw Tom coming Rushing out of the woods with his axe. He threw it and almost hit me but I ducked. He then ran for the girl from six and talked here and chocked here. She was helpless, but instead of helping here I took out an arrow and aimed at Tom. As he chocked the life out of here, I suddenly heard a cracking sound and realized he had squeezed so hard that her neck had broken. Tom turned around and I released the arrow it went right in his shoulder. Then he screamed and started running towards me. I fired one more arrow in his leg that was already wounded, but he just kept running and tackled me to the ground. And started choking me, he started talking about how great he was and how he would enjoy killing me. I sensed the life going out of me, but then I remembered the throwing knife. I took it out and stabbed Tom in the neck several times until he fell of me. He was just lying there dead and bleeding from his neck. When I had caught my breath I stood up and looked around and heard the final canon shot. I then looked into the camera, kissed my hand and lifted up three fingers. I could in my mind hear roaring from the audience that watched and knew now that I could now live in peace in my own district with my sister, mother, Gale and Peeta.

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