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Animal Farm

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It all started with Mr. Jones, the owner of the farm. He had a serious drinking problem. He beated his animals, and he made them work extremely hard.
Day in day out. No animal liked him.
Old major- the oldest and wisest of them all, who was a pig, arranged a meeting.
All the animals came in the big barn. And they all agreed that they would either kill or chase Mr. Jones away. “Kill the tyran and we will be rich and free”, they said.
Then after the meeting, old major died. They all grieved over their loss, but they moved on, and remembered what he said.

The next morning when the was going out to eat, there was no food there…

So they stormed in to the food chamber and ate all they could. But then Mr. Jones woke up, and he ran out, took his wisp and wisped the animals to get them out. But then they was had enough, they all got around him and they was ready to kill him. But he got away, but they was thrilled just to get him away. Now they renamed the farm from Manor Farm to Animal Farm. They also made roles how to behave.
The next day Mr. Jones walked into the bar and got several people with him to get the farm back. When the animals saw they were coming, they hide everywhere ready to attack. Mr. Jones and his people lost the battle, and they withdrawed.
They removed everything and burned down everything that reminded them of
Mr. Jones. But the house they let stand. But Napoleon walked against the others and walked in the house and got the puppies to Mr. Jones an laid them in the addic on the barn, but nobody new.

Now Snowball became the leader. Everybody did their best to make the farm good, and within weeks the farm became a paradise.
Snowball told the birds to fly around and spread the message, about the animal farm.
Then they made a school.

Now the winter came and it was colder but Snowball got an idea how to make power, they would build a windmill up on the hill, this way they would have worm winters.
But when he was going to show it to the others Napoleon interrupted him, and he got his dogs, who now had grown bigger, to kill him. And Napoleon said that he was a trader and that he wanted Mr. Jones back.
Now Napoleon had power and respect. And the rest of the pigs followed his lead.
They started to sleep in the house.
The animals worked day and night, day in, day out, year after year,
to get the windmill done. And it was Boxter an his good friend Benjamin who worked hardest.

Mr.Wymper, who was a salesman, overheard a conversation Mr. Jones an his friends had. And he went to the animal farm, to make a deal. He would trade eggs against strawberry jello. And he made a lot of money too.
Now Mr. Jones was had enough and they stormed the animal farm for the second time, but still they could not make it. While they were fighting Mr. Jones grabbed some dynamite and blew up the windmill. The animals were shocked! All that work just into nothing! But they did not give up hope! They made a new one. Day in day out.
But then a tragedy happened. Boxter got a stone over him self, but he survived, he only hurted his leg. After some weeks he continued to work, but his leg got worse, and he couldn’t move on.

The pigs from other country adored the animal farm. So the pig-board came and ins pected it. They where very satisfied.
Now the animals had enough! They stormed the house where the pigs were an killed every single one of them.

The end

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